Anti-Aging Tips For Your 30s That Aren’t Diet or Exercise

Best Anti Aging Tips For Your 30s

Relax, I’m not here to tell you to never leave the house without putting on sunscreen. At this point, people telling us that the best anti-aging tips for your 30s are to quit bad habits, eat healthy foods, and exercise daily is just simply making things worse! We’re indifferent to those. Ha-nobody, ha-carez! We know! We’re familiar with how important it is to stay hydrated! But we’re not going to jump up and start jogging to get our pores to shrink, are you kidding me?

In your 30s, you’re already familiar with the basics. It goes without saying that a super targeted skincare routine is essential. But for anti-aging, most of us are too lazy to follow up with a treatment. We want minimal effort with maximum results.

Plus, let’s get real for a second. “Cut back on sugar, coffee, and alcohol!” What? OK, they may be true. But here’s another truth. I have never, and I can’t stress this enough, ever, needed those 3 in my entire life more than I do in my 30s.

So, ‘true’ doesn’t always translate to practical. That’s why I cut out the boring parts and skipped to things that are more doable. Scroll down to check out the best anti-aging tips for your 30s.

Try Personalized Skincare

This is definitely a skincare upgrade for women in their 30s. When you’re buying skincare products, the best you can do is find the one suitable for your skin type.

That’s pretty much it. That’s as “personal” as it gets. But much like a tailored outfit, personalized skincare made specifically for your unique skin will maximize your results for wrinkle-free skin.

Personalized skincare brands all have their own way of mapping out your skin type, concerns, and needs. Some brands give you forms to fill out. Others do genetic testing or utilize artificial intelligence.

They take a lot of things into account like your sleep cycle, stress levels, screen & sun time to formulate products with ingredients best suited for your skin.

That way, you get the most bang for your buck because everything is customized and personalized for you and you only.

Plus, you also have the advantage of using products made by the same brand. Because they work best when used together as opposed to using different products from different brands.

Eat Salad For Breakfast

Just hear me out! We love splurging on vitamin C creams and serums. Because vitamin C is mad anti-aging! It’s helpful in achieving an even skin tone with a natural radiance.

It’s also helpful in preserving healthy collagen and getting rid of free radicals caused by UV rays. But as a general rule, oral always beats topical.

That’s why you should consider taking your C E Ferulic in the form of a bowl of salad and just eat your anti-aging serum. And breakfast is the easiest meal to incorporate this healthy snack into your diet.

This is not about your eating habits! So eat whatever you want for breakfast. And then eat the salad, that’s it. It doesn’t have to be a whole thing; just go for something simple.

Leafy greens for tocopherols aka vitamin E
Half a carrot for carotenoids aka vitamin A
A couple of berries or maybe cherry tomatoes for ascorbic acid aka vitamin C

There you have it. This will improve your skin texture significantly. It’ll slow down collagen breakdown, reduce wrinkles, and provide you with a healthy dose of antioxidants to fight off free radicals.

Not to mention, it’s super healthy for your entire body! And if you’re a smoker, may I just remind you that our antioxidant levels are basically depleted. So, this is a great way to restore those back.

Upgrade To Tretinoin

As you leave your 20s behind, you gradually step into the realm of 30s where anti-aging means heavy-duty ingredients. Peptides, epidermal growth factors, and of course, retinol. It’s the holy grail anti-ager for smoothing wrinkles and mopping up sun damage.

And there are amazing retinol creams and serums out there that work perfectly well. But if you feel like your OTC retinol products don’t seem to do enough for your skin or you just want something even more aggressive, see your dermatologist.

And get yourself good old prescription tretinoin. It’s literally 100 times more potent than retinol. It can do wonders for your skin and the results take shorter to show.

Tretinoin won’t be as much fun to use as those lovely retinol serums with cute packages you find at Sephora. But boy does it transform your skin inside and out!

Pay Attention to Your Pillow

In case you haven’t heard, there is a correlation between your sleeping position and facial wrinkles. When you sleep on your side, you accelerate the formation of sleep wrinkles and the deepening of existing wrinkles.

It usually results in one of the smile lines being more prominent than the other one. Obviously, whatever side you sleep on, that part is usually where the smile line and the crow’s feet are deeper.

The best sleeping position is to sleep on your back. But let’s face it; we rule that one out immediately because nobody likes to get hit in the face by their phone.

And that’s where anti-aging pillows come to the rescue. They give your face and your neck enough support to get a comfortable sleep. Plus, they have silk pillowcases that also prevent friction to a great degree.

With anti-aging pillows, your face doesn’t get smushed even when you’re sleeping on the side. Plus, we do need that comfortable beauty sleep in our 30s!

Get a Pet or Get Laid

We know that stress is bad for your skin. Because stress fires up a whole chain of reactions that mess up your hormones.

Not to mention all that frowning and the wrinkles that come with it. That’s why everybody tells us to “reduce stress”. Easier said than done!

But here’s a universal solution to reducing stress and firing up endorphins; getting a pet and/or getting laid. It’s almost impossible to lead a stress-free life, especially when you’re in your 30s.

That’s why getting a pet or getting laid is a legit anti-aging tip for your 30s you should definitely consider. Both of those will bring some joy into your life that will hopefully turn that frown upside down.

Remember, It Will Get Worse

No, that’s not a typo. Things will get worse as we get older and wiser. So remember to appreciate your skin including all those wrinkles and lines. Your skin looks so much better than it’ll look 10 years later.

There’s no point in obsessively pointing out every single thing that you perceive to be wrong with your skin. We’re halfway there and there are still so many things we want to do with our lives, right?

By now, you should’ve grown a thicker skin that knows better than not to be held down by a couple of wrinkles. So just remember to relax every once in a while.

This alone will help you a lot in reducing stress, increasing self-confidence, and eventually, achieving better skin. Remembering to relax is, in fact, one of the best anti-aging tips for your 30s. The other one is SPF, obviously.

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