If You Want to Enjoy Life in Your 30s, These Are The Rules to Live By

How to Enjoy Life in Your 30s

Learning how to enjoy life, let alone how to enjoy life in your 30s, should be one of the most subjective matters. Because each of us has a different understanding of joy. But if there’s one thing that is undeniably true about enjoying life, it is the fact that it requires a certain mindset. In case you’re not familiar, here’s how Dr. Carol S. Dweck, the author of Mindset, defines the two types of mindsets.

People with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities are fixed and cannot be changed. They believe that success is related to talent and cannot be achieved through effort and practice. So, you’re stuck with what you have for the rest of your life and there’s no room for improvement.

On the other hand, people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities can be improved. They believe in the importance of effort and they don’t back down in the face of challenges. So, for these people, the possibilities are endless.

As you can gather, a growth mindset is exactly what you need if you want to enjoy your life in your thirties. Not to sound whatever, but a growth mindset puts you on the right path to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are the rules to live by if you want to enjoy and live your best life in your 30s.

1. Fall in love with yourself.

Stop lurking around the rabbit hole of comparison. Embrace who you are and remember; nobody can do you better than you do. At this point, we know that nothing is what it seems to be. So stop comparing your journey with others and focus on yours. Embrace your personal style, create a home you want to get back to every day, and surround yourself with things that make you happy.

2. Have a vision of your future self.

This will give you a sense of purpose and comfort. More importantly, your vision will be your anchor. Every time you have a difficult decision to make, you’ll ask yourself which path is in alignment with your vision. That will lead you to the right answer. Does your current career align with your future plans? Does your relationship? You know what they say, practice who you want to be.

3. Embrace the chaos. Heck, go for it.

On the heart rate monitor, life is represented by a series of ups and downs whereas death is one boring flat line. The most exciting possibilities lie in the midst of seemingly chaotic experiences. Nothing fun happens in a secure and predictable life. And your 30s are not too late to make decisions to turn your life around. No matter how small or big, create momentum in your life. Trust me, I jumped into a whole new career path the year I turned 30 and it was the best decision I ever made.

4. Stop trying to make perfect happen, it’s not going to happen.

All those iconic women you’ve been admiringly quoting on Twitter went through the craziest things in life. Painful breakups, extreme highs, and lows -they bring an edge into your life. Acknowledge the good and the bad and ride them out with gratitude. Don’t expect one smooth ride toward happiness and fulfillment. There’s no such thing.

5. Sow what you want to reap.

You’re not going to suddenly start singing Over the Rainbow if you’ve been listening to Mad World for the last 30 years. Similarly, you’re not going to ooze zen if you’re brimming with negative thoughts. Make room for positive thoughts in your mind. To reinforce this, be around people that make you feel better about yourself and life in general. And the ones that drain your energy need to go.

6. Learn to reframe.

An average person spends 7 years of their life trying to sleep. And most of that time is spent going through your worst memories and reliving your cringe moments. 7 years of self-inflicted cringe! Reframe those moments, laugh out loud, and move on! You are the only one that remembers that day from high school. Just like you, everybody else is focused on their own stuff.

7. You do you.

The things you try so hard to hide about yourself are the things that make you unique. Denying them is against your nature, not to mention exhausting. Own your craziness, obsessions, and idiosyncrasies. While we should never stop working on ourselves, some aspects of our personality are ours to own.

8. Back pain is no joke.

You may refuse to live like a 30-something. That’s fine. However, your body needs to maintain a certain level of health to keep up with that. Don’t take it personally. Take Zumba classes! Focus on your core and posture because back pain is no joke.

9. Mind, body, and more body.

In your 20s, falling asleep while eating a bag of chips just means you’ve got tidying up to do in the morning. In your 30s, it means acid reflux, bloating, and under-eye bags in the morning. It’s time to get your antioxidants from your foods as much as you do from your serums.

10. Anti-aging starts before aging.

There’s no point in waiting for the wrinkles to settle in. Take the time for a good anti-aging skincare routine. See a dermatologist if you’re unhappy about wrinkles. Look into injectables. Invest in your looks.

11. Learn to say no.

I think this is one of the most difficult things to learn. Saying no means putting yourself first. And while it’s noble to put other people first at times, too much of it makes you a people pleaser. If you don’t want to go out, say no. Once you get a handle on this habit, you’ll see that it’s so empowering.

12. Be unapologetic.

If you really think about it, you are in a much better place now than you were in your 30s. You have more control over things. Hopefully, you’ve cultivated some sort of self-acceptance and learned to be happy with who you are. So be unapologetic about it and enjoy living the life you want. Don’t let other people bring you down for the choices you make. It’s okay if you’re single and want to stay that way. It’s okay to not have a plan. It’s not okay to let people constantly comment about it and criticize you for it!

13. Know your friends.

I can’t believe I’m all grown up and I still have people around me whom I can’t share a piece of good news with. A real friend isn’t just someone that feels sad when you’re sad, it’s also someone that feels happy when you are. Slowly get these people out of your life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other. If you’re getting a jealous vibe, trust your gut and let them go.

14. Treat yourself.

You may be feeling lost in your 30s or going through a difficult phase. It happens. For these times, you need to have a plan in place to recalibrate, so to speak. It doesn’t have to be a whole thing. But it can be something you do like meditating, or a day-long self-care routine, or a nice relaxing place you go to. But there has to be something. For me, it’s forest bathing that helps me feel excited and hopeful again. Find yours so you have something you go back to start feeling better again.

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