35 Fun Things To Do At Home When You’re Alone

Fun things to do at home alone

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Happiness is something we usually look for outside and far away. A travel destination in an exotic country, an opportunity that’s long gone, a guy who is unavailable… But it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s where you are and where you call home. And as long as you’re breathing and have a roof over your head, you’ll never run out of fun things to do at home alone.

Maybe you’re bored and you’re out of ideas. Maybe you’re just taking some time off for yourself and don’t know where to start. Or maybe, this is something new for you and you have no idea how to be alone by yourself at home. It doesn’t matter. We’re here to remind you of some fun things you can do at home and alone without the need for a single soul.

Fun Things To Do At Home Alone

  1. Make yourself at home. Lock the doors, unplug, and get comfortable in your bubble.
  2. Wash it off. You can’t slide in your bathrobe just like that. Take a fun and relaxing bath.
  3. Take a milk bath. It doesn’t get any more self-indulgent than soaking in milk in the comfort of your bathtub.
  4. Clean out your fridge. Trust me, this is oddly satisfying. See what you’re dealing with before you make yourself anything. Clean up the fridge so that you have a full grocery shopping list.
  5. Order in. If cooking sounds like a whole thing, treat yourself to a savory meal from your favorite place.
  6. Win yourself over. Order a bouquet of flowers and a box of expensive chocolates for yourself. Trust me, it’s no less satisfying than getting those from someone else.
  7. Laugh out loud. Nothing compares to a good stand-up comedy show when you’re in urgent need of a couple of laughs. Start with Jim Jefferies!
  8. Fire up your neurons. Download a brain exercise app and practice a couple of mental exercises. It takes your mind away from things and it’s incredibly engaging.
  9. Catch up with your hobbies. There must be some activities you started with such enthusiasm but had to take a break from. Take those back up and practice. FYI, we have a couple of ideas for fellow single women.
  10. Eat on your bed. You could always eat in the kitchen or in the living room in front of the TV. But it won’t be as delicious and indulging as when you eat on your bed.
  11. Take a walk down memory lane. Turn on your laptop or take out the family album. It’ll definitely put a smile on your face. While you’re at it, get rid of the photos of your ex.
  12. Make a memory box. Find a shoebox that’s in good shape or any other cute little container. Put your cherished items like tickets, letters, and photographs in there.
  13. Watch a TED Talk. Even though we always want to learn, get cultured, and be educated, most of us are too lazy. TED talks are great sources of knowledge; concise, to the point, and incredibly intense. Watch one now and charge up your sense of wonder and awe.
  14. Read a dirty book. Contrary to a TED Talk, dirty books are pretty dwelling and teasing. Get lost in one.
  15. Pamper yourself. Make yourself the center of your attention and do anything and everything to spoil yourself. Be the Chrissy Teigen to your John Legend. Or vice versa?
  16. Create your own spa. Order yourself some amazing candles, scents, body oils, and at-home spa products to make the pampering session even more entertaining.
  17. Drop the bass. Put on some loud music that you can hear from anywhere in the house. It’ll lift up your mood and make you dance.
  18. Put on a hair mask. Hair masks usually take longer, that’s why most of us opt for a 10-minute face mask. You’re home and alone and have all the time in the world. Put on a nourishing hair mask.
  19. Be kind. You may be bored, feeling lonely, or forgotten. How about the elderly in your family? They’re lonelier and probably unhappier. Call one and thank them for something nice they did for you before. If there is none, make something up!
  20. Make a vision board. It’s time to set some clear goals and catch up on your new year’s resolutions list. Remind yourself of the things you want to achieve and come up with new ways to make them more achievable.
  21. Start your blog. You thought about doing it at one point. An educational blog based on your hobby or an online portfolio to showcase your skills. Set that site up today! Plus, YouTube is full of tutorials!
  22. Do your own therapy. We all have things we do that are therapeutic to us. It can be decluttering your closet or it can be cleaning the house. Get going and do whatever eases your OCD.
  23. Clean your makeup brushes. You’ve been postponing this even though you know it’s something that has to be done. Get rid of the germs on those sponges and brushes.
  24. Try bathrobe selfies. Do a full glam makeup and put on your fluffy bathrobe to take a couple of selfies to show off on your feed.
  25. Watch a horror movie. Pop some corn, turn off the lights, and get a blanket. Scare the living boredom out of yourself with a good old horror movie.
  26. Make some salad. It’s the least time-consuming snack/meal you can prepare yourself. Make a big bowl of salad with various greens and vegetables. Make it colorful and healthy.
  27. Start gaming. Online gaming is exploding. More and more people are signing up to experience virtual reality. It can be so much fun and engaging, especially because of the interactivity of it all.
  28. Groom yourself. Shape your brows, lose the ‘stache, fix your hair. You’re going to leave the house at some point, don’t let go of yourself and groom yourself nicely and thoroughly while you have the time.
  29. Do some squats. Okay, it’s not technically a fun thing to do when you’re home alone, but to see those cheeks in action is definitely going to fire up some endorphins.
  30. Dye your hair. With that much time on your hands, you can afford to wait 40 minutes to dye your hair a new and fun color.
  31. Do puzzles. This will make you forget what day it is. Seriously!
  32. Listen to a podcast. There are a ton of options to choose from. Sports, comedy, tech, arts! Find a podcast to get addicted to.
  33. Try some nail art. Get your scissors and tools on the coffee table and start trimming. Put on your favorite reality show and color up your nails. Don’t forget your toes.
  34. Make some drinks. Look up some fancy cocktails to try at home.
  35. Get cozy. It’s always fun to get under a fluffy blanket wearing your favorite fluffy socks. Get some hot chocolate and create a mini Christmas Eve situation.

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