How To Start Exercising After 30 and Not Give Up on Day 3

How to Start Exercising After 30

The fact that you secretly enjoy having to stay home will tell you that when you’re over the age of 30, you don’t get moving unless you absolutely have to! The same goes for exercising after 30. We already loved canceling plans, avoiding get-togethers, and staying indoors way before it was imposed.

At the same time, maybe it’s because of all that alone time or the fact that our bodies are not what they were used to be, we’re painfully aware of the damage we’ve been inflicting on our bodies. We’re not moving, or working out, or sweating. And the guilt is unbearable.

Let me tell you this; I’m 35 and my entire life started flashing in front of my eyes when I saw 211 on the blood sugar test I took at home.

The fear of diabetes made me reach for my sneakers like my life depended on it! I decided to get fit and I’m going to tell you how to start exercising again after 30.

By the way, here are a few pieces from those flashes, which I think you’re going to relate to. “Approximately 6 hours a day sitting in front of the computer, back pain, neck pain, no exercise for the last 5 years, trouble sleeping, trouble waking up, coffee hands, week-long hangovers, dehydration, stress, anxiety attacks, fatigue…”

The sad thing is at least half the things on that list can be eliminated simply by getting active. Considering that we’re staying indoors, sheltered, and inactive, we’re predisposed to a number of health issues related to leading a sedentary life.

Obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, to name a few. I’m assuming you already know this. The problem is we simply don’t know how to get started!

Personally, fearing for my life has been a great motivator. Well, let’s hope that it’s not something you can relate to. Below is the best way to start exercising and getting active after 30.

1. Start walking.

If you look up for exercises you “should be doing” in your 30s, you’re going to be bombarded with a ton of fitness programs on two sets of this and two sets of that using this tool and that tool.

When you haven’t been exercising much or at all, it doesn’t matter! The highest hurdle to cross is the beginning. Once you get started, everything falls into play.

So what’s the best way to get moving after 30? Walking! Walking in pace. You don’t need any programming or scheduling for this. You just need to get up and walk. And just to leave no room for excuses, do it in the house.

There’s always going to be something when you start planning things. The more you focus on planning, the longer you’re going to get stuck at planning.

There’s never going to be a great time to start exercising. Now is the best time to get up and walk. Forget muscle mass or how often you should be working out for now. Focus on the thing you can do.

2. Keep it short.

You might have the energy and the motivation to walk 40 minutes today. But it may not be the case tomorrow. And if you set your goal too high, you’re going to set yourself up for failure. It’ll become more difficult to keep it up and do it again and again.

Pretty soon, you’re going to give up altogether because 40 minutes of walking sounds too much. Keep it short in the beginning and just walk for 15 minutes a day. If you feel like you can do more, do 15 minutes of walking twice a day.

It is no marathon. But 15 minutes of walking is still so much better and healthier than not walking. Once you’re comfortable, you can build from there and take it up to 30 minutes a day. And 30 minutes a day is the daily recommended time to stay fit and healthy.

3. Give up on the ideal.

exercising after 30

It’s always more fun to jump on the treadmill facing the lake with your new workout gear and a new pair of sneakers. Well, this isn’t a gym and we’re running out of time.

So stop wasting time trying to make things perfect and creating the best workout environment. Forget about the dumbbell and stop looking for an excuse to do some shopping. Because the more you worry about these things, the more excuse you’re going to give yourself to postpone it.

4. Keep it fun.

For walking to count as exercise, you need pace. And listening to music is the best way to keep pace. It’s also the best way to keep it enjoyable. Pick 3-4 of your favorite songs and start walking listening to them.

Those songs are incredibly helpful in making you stop looking at the time to see how long it’s been. Listening to your favorite song will make things a breeze and motivate you.

I’m a dinosaur so I stick with M.J.’s Beat It and move on to the recent hit Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, which is perfect for a fast pace.

There’s no reason to scour the Internet to find the best workout song. That’s just another excuse. Stick with what you enjoy and listen to that. Put it on repeat. Plus, headphones are great for really getting in the mood.

5. Build from there.

Walking is the best way to start exercising and getting in shape after 30. Because training programs that require a certain level of knowledge or expertise will intimidate you, demotivate you, and exhaust you at a time when you haven’t been moving at all.

Walking will warm up your body and get the juices flowing. Regular walking will prepare you for more challenging workouts.

Even if you stick with walking or running, it’s still enough to keep you in shape, fit, and healthy. It’s also enough to keep all those diseases that are associated with an inactive lifestyle at bay.

It’s always the starting part that is the most difficult. Once you’re up and going, you can always choose a direction to which type of workout plan you want to jump into.

Now, don’t Google anything, don’t think, don’t dive into your closet to find those Yoga pants. Just get your phone and start walking in your room one song at a time.

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