Sheet or Clay, Try These Tips To Enhance The Effects of Your Face Masks

how to enhance the effects of face masks

Face masks, either in sheet form or gel form, are considered supplementary skincare products. So they’re meant to support your main skincare products such as your serums and moisturizers. Well, considering that face masks make some of the most fast-acting products that give instant results, I feel like they should be the primary ones! Don’t judge me until you apply a pair of under-eye patches, and a lip mask followed by a sheet mask. The glow is incredibly satisfying. But we’re not here to reinvent the wheel. We’re here to give you the best tips and tricks to enhance the effects of your face masks.

If you think your face masks don’t seem to do much, there’s a chance you’re doing something wrong. And there’s always a way to maximize the effects of your face mask and get the most out of it in your skincare.

Whether it’s a sheet mask, an overnight mask, or a clay mask, find below the best ways to enhance the effects of your face masks.

1. Always apply your mask on clean skin.

Most of us are guilty of doing a rinse-off face mask before washing the face. You don’t want to bother washing your face twice.

However, this mistake is making your face mask useless. It doesn’t matter which type of face mask you’re using, always apply it on a clean face.

So before your rip open a sheet mask or dip into a clay mask, wash your face with your cleanser to remove any dirt and oil that may compromise penetration. For maximum benefits, you can also try exfoliating or washing your face with an exfoliating cleanser.

2. Do rinse-off masks before your skincare routine.

If you’re using a rinse-off mask in the form of clay or gel, don’t do these masks in the middle or at the end of your skincare routine. Always do them right before your start your routine. You don’t need to use your cleanser twice.

You cleanse your face with a face wash, then apply your mask, and then rinse it off with water. After that, do your skincare routine the way you normally do.

3. Treat sheet mask as a face serum.

People are often confused about what to do after using a sheet mask, and how to use it in their routine. To clear the confusion, treat your sheet mask as a face serum. Because sheet masks are basically sheets pre-soaked in serum or essence.

They’re meant to stay on the skin. In your skincare routine, sheet masks go where face serums go. You wash your face and then you apply your toner if you’re using one. After that, you apply your serum and your sheet mask.

Never wash your face after you do a sheet mask. That defeats the purpose. Also, using a toner before your mask is a great way to enhance the effects of your face masks as toners help products absorb better.

4. Try rollers.

Use a Jade roller to maximize your sheet mask. By rolling Jade all over the mask, you help with penetration by increasing circulation.

Massaging makes your products absorb better. Plus, massaging your skin with a Jade roller while doing a sheet mask is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing.

5. Moisturize after a sheet mask.

Sheet masks serve different purposes like hydrating, calming, and brightening. But as they are like serums in sheet form, they are mostly water-based products. It means that they lack emollience.

Even though they are hydrating, they can’t be moisturizing for the skin. Again, treat a sheet mask as a face serum and always apply a moisturizer after you do a sheet mask. This is especially helpful for people with dry skin to seal everything in.

Remember to give it a few minutes to let your skin fully absorb the reaming serum from the sheet mask before going ahead with your moisturizer.

6. Apply under-eye patches on smile lines.

Under-eye patches are great for plumping up the eye area, reducing puffiness, improving the look of dark circles, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They don’t usually come cheap and most of them are jam-packed with amazing ingredients you’d find in a face serum.

Normally, you put on the patches, leave them on for 10-20 minutes, take them off, spread the remaining serum on the rest of the face, and throw away the patches. Well, to get the most out of these expensive masks, here’s what you can do.

Once the patches dry down on the under-eyes, take them off and dip the patches in the packet to soak up more serum. This is going to refresh the patches and help you get one more use out of them.

Once the patches are refreshed, put them on your smile lines or your forehead wrinkles and let them stay there for another 10 minutes. This way, you get to maximize your patches and use them on multiple parts of the face where you need some plumping.

Even though the shape of the patches is more fit for the eye area, they actually stay on anywhere on the face. This is how I milk Patchology’s under-eye patches. They’re excellent products, but using them for once is a complete waste of money.

7. Overnight masks go last.

Overnight face masks are usually moisturizing face masks that have a cream base. They can support and/or replace your night cream. So apply your overnight mask as the last step of your skincare routine after/instead of your moisturizer.

If you have very dry skin, you can moisturize and then apply the mask. If you tend to get oily, you can skip the moisturizer and apply the overnight mask after you apply your serums.

8. Do clay masks after the shower.

apply clay mask after shower to enhance the effects of your face mask

If you’re dealing with enlarged pores, congestion, and blackheads, clay masks help a lot. But using them on clean skin is key. Or else, they won’t work as well. To enhance the benefits of your clay mask, you can try doing it post-shower.

A nice hot shower works like face steam that relaxes the skin and loosens your pores. Cleanse your face in the shower with a face wash. Once you’re done in the shower, pat your skin dry and apply the clay mask.

The steam makes the clay mask work better to draw out dirt and grime sitting inside the pores. Once the mask dries down, you can go ahead and rinse it off and follow your skincare routine.

9. Use retinol as a spot treatment.

Retinol can be scary if you’re not used to it. But it’s the best when it comes to managing wrinkles and acne. If you want the benefits but don’t want to deal with its side effects like dryness and sensitivity, use retinol as a spot treatment.

Apply a tiny dot of a retinol serum or cream on blemishes or on forehead wrinkles. You can leave it on overnight or rinse it off after 20 minutes.

Even though it won’t be as effective as using it as a serum/cream, it still helps a lot with reducing the appearance of dark spots and acne. Plus, this is a great way to help your skin get used to retinol.

10. Multi-mask.

Multi-masking is using different face masks on different parts of the face. This is to address several skin concerns at the same time. It also helps you put a mask on where it’s actually needed as opposed to all over the skin.

For example, exfoliating face masks can be too drying for the entire face. Likewise, creamy face masks can cause congestion when you apply them all over the face. So, try multi-masking for specific concerns.

Apply a clay mask on your T-zone and a hydrating gel mask on the rest of the face. Similarly, put a peel-off mask on your nose and a brightening mask on your cheeks to address hyperpigmentation.

11. Always follow the instructions.

This is so important because there’s always an exception to any rule. Even the exact types of face masks, say a clay mask, can have different instructions on them. That’s why it’s important to follow the instructions on your mask.

For example, you may not be aware but your mask can contain hydroxy acids or retinoids. In that case, you don’t want to skip the instructions as you’re probably warned to use SPF after your face mask.

12. Stick with the recommended time.

We tend to leave the face mask on more than what’s recommended. Even though there’s always room for leaving the mask on a little more than what it says on the product, try to avoid going overboard.

Certain types of masks, like exfoliating masks or clay masks, can be too drying when you leave them on for too long. Even a simple sheet mask can cause dryness on the skin when it stays on too long.

So, remember that longer doesn’t translate to better. Stick with the recommended time to enhance the effects of your face masks.

13. Keep your mask in the fridge.

To enhance the effects of sheet masks and gel masks, keep them in your fridge. Learn to make it a habit and don’t just put them in the fridge 5 minutes before the application. Always store them in a cool place to make your mask work double duty.

Because the cooling effect helps with reducing puffiness on the face and reducing the look of under-eye bags. So even if you’re doing a hydrating or brightening sheet mask, it instantly works as a depuffing mask too.

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