9 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

things to do on valentines day when you're single - valentines days for singles

Before you head on to blame everything on capitalism, put on your empathy hat, and try celebrating love for a change. It’s not about being in a relationship or having a husband, it’s about embracing love and appreciating the appreciation of it. Let others suck up to each other for a whole day. Things you do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single are about the unbreakable bond between you and yourself, including all those times you thrived without anyone by your side.

It’s a jerk move to wake up and pop everyone’s balloons by crapping all over their plans and presents. It’s petty to bring someone down just because they got a box of chocolates, gifts, or a bouquet of flowers. In the meantime, there is no need to over-compensate by celebrating everything in an exaggerated manner. It looks desperate.

And for god’s sake, stop it with self-pity in front of others. It’s up to people to brag, but it’s up to you to not give them the satisfaction. If you want a relationship, don’t share it with others. They don’t need to know that. This gives them all the more reason to rub it in your face.

So if you’re alone this year, don’t sweat it. Embrace it! And below are simple and fun things to do as a single woman on Valentine’s Day.

1. Modify your mood.

The first thing to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single is to modify your mood. No need to frown! And no need to laugh around looking like a lunatic. It’s a beautiful day and you’re in a good mood.

You greet everyone and celebrate their V-Day. It doesn’t matter if they’re single or too old to celebrate the day. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Address it directly with confidence.

2. Dress up.

Look, even if you’re a person who doesn’t care too much about dressing well, you should at least try to look more put-together today. People are getting pretty for guys they know for 3 months.

And you’re not putting any effort into looking good for your own self that you’ve known since day 1? Unacceptable! Dress up because you’re single by choice! And people need to see that.

3. Buy your supplies.

If you’re staying in, stop by the grocery store. From stuff to make your own home-cooked meal to bottles of wine, get them all in advance. That way, you’ll have an uninterrupted evening where you can enjoy your own company or the company of your friends.

Buy stuff to bake cookies, prepare a meal, or some expensive cheese to go with your wine. This is a great time to try different drinks and snacks. Prepare your own buffet with tasty food.

4. Book a table at the most romantic restaurant. A table for 1.

If you’re not staying in, make sure you’re eating at a nice restaurant. Eating alone at a romantic restaurant on V-Day where all the tables are occupied by couples is the ballsiest move only you can dare.

Dress up accordingly and embrace being the center of attention. It’s desperate only if you make it desperate. The only thing the men at the tables will be thinking is the fact that they’d be able to flirt with you if only they were single. This is how you get back at your non-single friends.

5. Make sure you hit the bar.

If there is any time to post up at the bar and let the men swarm you, this is it. There’s literally no better time where you get all the attention singled out from the crowd with almost no competition.

There are probably going to be single men drinking at the bar too. And none of them will be too “above it” to make a pass at you.

And you’ll get to be the one to choose. Go ahead and mingle if you like. But just for the sake of making a point, ignore all of them. You’re single at a bar in the evening on Valentine’s Day and still not interested in the guy. That sends out a strong message!

6. Treat yourself.

Get a facial or get a massage or a mani-pedi. You can do it alone or with friends. Why not take the chance to spoil yourself just like everybody else does? As a matter of fact, you deserve it more!

Doing everything by yourself, facing every challenge without someone to use as an “emotional support” deserves more appreciation. Do something for yourself.

7. Go where bubbles meet wine.

Fill in the tub with warm water and make it bubbly. Put on some music, light some candles, pour in a glass of good wine and hop in.

It’s way more fun to do this alone than with some guy’s feet up in your face. Relax. It’s the music of your choice and you don’t have a buzzkill to be nice toward. Check out these fun things to do in the bathtub alone. It’s not what you think!

8. Ignore all communications from the exes.

“Hey, I just wanted to say that I cherish the time we had together and I hope you’re happy because you deserve it.” This couldn’t say “yo, I’m desperate and horny AF, let me hit that one more time” any louder!

It doesn’t matter who you’re getting the text from. If it’s on Valentine’s Day, it is NEVER more than a booty call. Completely ignore any texts or calls!

9. Move on.

Having someone you enjoy spending time with is amazing. Someone to trust and blah blah, all that crap. But being strong enough to stand alone, sleep alone, and survive alone where everyone else is doing it as a couple is the real challenge. You owe everything to yourself. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, who cares?

Everyone in a relationship secretly desires to be single. A guy may bring some joy into your life. But usually, he also takes some away. Right now, you don’t have someone that deserves the privilege to ruin your life. You’ll know him when you see him. End of story.

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