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Who We Are

Ejollify (ejollify.com) is a beauty website founded in 2019 by two sisters: Iclal Eroglu and Feyza Eroglu. On this page, you can find who is behind Ejollify, background information about the author, and what we offer to our readers.

Iclal Eroglu


30-something, single AF, English Lit. major.

Feyza Eroglu


30-something, equally single, M.A. in Economics.

Iclal Eroglu

iclal eroglu

Hey! My name is Iclal. I’m the author of the content on Ejollify. I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I graduated from Istanbul Kultur University with a degree in English Language and Literature. I love writing about beginner-friendly makeup, skincare, and anti-aging.

Feyza Eroglu


Hey! My name is Feyza and I’m the co-founder of Ejollify. I was also born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I graduated from Istanbul University and have an M.A. in economics. I love experimenting with different skincare products. I test and review products and make sure my sister writes about them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our readers to take a more holistic and self-care-focused approach to skincare and makeup. We believe that beauty should be fun and indulgent. That’s why our product recommendations prioritize long-term benefits as well as a sense of pampering and indulgence. After all, beauty isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about feeling good.

What We Do

We write about makeup products we use and love. We help you discover skincare backed by solid science. We take pride in doing the research, creating content you love, letting it cook for a while, and introducing you to it. We don’t employ freelancers or contributors fearing that it will hurt our connection with our readers. It’s just the two of us from start to finish. We love talking about the skincare products we use. But, we’re not qualified to give skincare advice. To make sure that Ejollify is a reliable source, we reach out to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and experts.

Editorial Principles

Conversational Tone: We use a friendly, informative, and conversational tone of voice to make our content digestible and easily understandable. This is to ensure that our content helps all beauty enthusiasts including beginners who are new to skincare and makeup.

Accuracy and Research: We strive for the most accurate content and always back up claims with research and refer to credible sources. We also include a reference list when necessary to ensure you have access to those sources too.

Transparency: We value transparency and honesty and always include disclosures such as when we use affiliate links in our content.

Products Reviews

As Iclal and Feyza, founders of Ejollify, we like to recommend the products we use and use the products we recommend. If we like a product, it usually ends up in one or more of our round-ups where we list our favorite products. If we really like something, we sometimes do in-depth product reviews and really talk about every single aspect of the product to give you as much information about it as possible before you make a decision.

Affiliate Commissions & Products

Even though we sometimes gain affiliate commissions from some of the products you buy through our links, whether a product is commissionable or not is not a criterion for us. Products on our round-ups are usually in no particular order and affiliate commissions don’t factor into where we place those products.

Content Updates

Things change and evolve and so do the information and the formulation of the beauty products we use. That’s why we regularly do reviews and content updates. This is to ensure that we provide you with the latest and most accurate information.

Contact Us

You can email us at ejollify[at]ejollify.com

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