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Ejollify (ejollify.com) is a beauty website founded in 2019 by two sisters; Iclal Eroglu and Feyza Eroglu. As a small business, Ejollify is a digital media company based in Istanbul operating in a home office. On this page, you can find who is behind Ejollify, background information about the author, and what we offer to our readers.

Iclal Eroglu


37, single AF, English Lit. major.
Loves anti-aging and injectables.

Feyza Eroglu


30, equally single, M.A. in Economics.
Loves anything skin-clearing and in a sheet mask form.

Iclal Eroglu

iclal eroglu

Hey! My name is Iclal. I’m the co-founder of Ejollify and everything you read here is written by me and me alone! I’ve been writing for Ejollify since 2019.

And I cover makeup that is doable, skincare that’s backed by science, anti-aging that’s not scary, and wellness that’s not all about yoga.

I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I’m 37 and I graduated from Istanbul Kultur University with a degree in English Language and Literature.

I worked as an English teacher for 6 years before I quit. It was more fun to give fellow teachers skincare advice during breaks and do makeovers after school hours.

At 30, I gave up my career while my friends were getting promoted. The same year, I welcomed my first skin condition, rosacea, when my friends were welcoming their second child.

Dealing with rosacea for 7 years, I perfected my skincare routine and even managed to utilize all those buzzy anti-aging ingredients without worsening my condition.

I’ve always been fascinated by the science behind the skincare products we use every day, how our skin works, and how it reacts to what we put on it.

I’m obsessed with non-surgical anti-aging treatments and I love how they make it so easy to feel better about myself. I take everything I learn and try and I bring them here to show you how you can benefit from them too.

I’m still a teacher. Only this time, instead of English, I teach how you can benefit from science-backed skincare to improve your skin, manage rosacea, and prevent wrinkles. Being a happily single 30-something, I also talk about ways to keep your mind healthy.

Even though I don’t have formal education in dermatology, I use my personal experience with products and procedures, my hardcore research, and my contacts with industry experts to give you the best, easy-to-understand, and true information possible.

I quit social media in 2014 and I can’t seem to find my way back. But I refuse to rely on social media to prove my existence.

The name “ejollify” is a reference to my name. Ico is a nickname my friends use instead of Iclal. In English, it sounds something like “e-joe”.

And “ejollify” represents me taking things and making them my own just like the way I take a boring-ass research paper on peptides and turn it into something readable for all.

Feyza Eroglu

feyza eroglu

Hey! My name is Feyza and I’m the co-founder of Ejollify. You could argue that I’m the lifeline of Ejollify. I make sure Ejollify is up and running, content is up to date, emails are replied to, people are finding Ejollify on Pinterest, and so much more!

I’m 30 and I was also born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I graduated from Istanbul University and have an M.A. in economics. I was about to get another degree before I found my passion; Ejollify.

I consider skincare a form of self-care. And I enjoy experimenting with different products for my skin.

With my personal experience with using retinoids for acne, trying preventative skin care, and navigating life as a (once) 20-something, I’ve been inspiring Iclal for years to write about skincare and wellness for women in their 20s.

I travel around Europe and hope to settle there one day. I believe in lifelong learning and I’m always up to speed on politics, economics, science, and technology.

Living in a country where concepts like diversity, novelty, individuality, and freedom of speech aren’t widely praised, I hope to make Ejollify a platform that anybody can relate to.

About Ejollify

Here’s an illustration of how things work here at Ejollify.

Imagine shopping at Zara, sifting through a thousand mass-production clothing, trying them on, buying, maybe returning, complaining… There are a ton of people between you and the owner of Zara. Fast fashion may make things easier, but it also overlooks a collection of people because of the focus to serve a broader range. And it takes away that authentic bond between the maker and the consumer.

We like to think that we’re the boutique store right next to big, fast-fashion clothing stores. The boutique where the owner is always there. The person that designs your clothes is the same person you go back to when you get frustrated. The person you give your money to is the same person that answers your calls.

That’s exactly how Ejollify works. The same people are in it from start to finish. Being in direct contact with our readers and being involved every step of the way gives us an incredible sense of responsibility. We take pride in doing the research, creating content you love, letting it cook for a while, and introducing you to it.

We don’t employ freelancers or contributors fearing that it’ll hurt our connection with our readers. That’s why we don’t bulk-publish. We publish custom content tailored to solve specific needs. And we regularly update our content to keep things fresh, accurate, and up-to-date.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women to take a more holistic and self-care-focused approach to skincare and makeup. We provide expert advice and research-backed content that simplifies complex scientific information, making it accessible to everyone.

We also believe that beauty should be fun and indulgent. That’s why our product recommendations prioritize long-term benefits as well as a sense of pampering and indulgence.

And Ejollify is a place where you can discover new ways to pamper yourself, whether that’s through a luxurious Lancome serum or a minimalist Cerave moisturizer.

Because beauty isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about feeling good.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community of empowered women who prioritize their self-care and feel confident in their own skin. So stick around and join us to be a part of it.

What We Do

Through our content:

We help our readers find answers & solutions tailored to their specific skincare and makeup needs.
We do the research and introduce you to skincare & makeup for all ages including your 20s and your 30s.
We help you discover skincare backed by solid science and makeup that delivers.
We offer detailed information on the latest dermatological treatments.
We serve chewable bits of information on how to deal with the daily struggles work/family/life throws in your way.
We also love to goof around and entertain.

Sources of Information

Everybody loves writing about their personal experience with certain products. But sometimes, we need expert insight on certain subjects like non-surgical procedures.

To make sure that Ejollify is a reliable source, we reach out to plastic surgeons, field experts, and industry leaders to fact-check our articles. We source out to these experts and clearly indicate their level of expertise on the subject on those pages.

We frequently reach out to recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joubin Gabbay from Gabbay Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ken Smart from Frisco Plastic Surgery in Texas for their true, valuable information on subjects like using Botox to treat gummy smile or the difference between Dysport and Botox.

These experts have been making information on their expertise available for all on social media platforms for years. Even though we’re not officially working together, they’re kind enough to provide insight when asked. And this isn’t exclusive to us! Make sure you follow them on social -they love to help!

Another main source of information behind our content is the National Center for Biotechnology Information, where we read about the science behind our everyday skincare products like peptide serums or vitamin C creams. We give references to the articles cited.

Even though we love hands-on experience with products, our lack of formal education in skin science pushes us to do more research, double-check, triple-check, and avoid making bold claims.

Talking about our favorite lactic acid serum is one thing. But we love to learn the exact science behind it so that we can help you make an informed decision on which skincare products to use. Similarly, we love a good moisturizer. But knowing how ceramides actually work will up your skincare game.

That’s why we read about these things, learn about them, and combine that with our own experience to transfer all that information to you via our articles.

Editorial Principles

Conversational Tone: We use a friendly, informative, and conversational tone of voice to make our content digestible and easily understandable. This is to ensure that our content helps all beauty enthusiasts including beginners who are new to skincare and makeup.

Accuracy and Research: We strive for the most accurate content and always back up claims with research and refer to credible sources. We also include a reference list when necessary to ensure you have access to those sources too.

Transparency: We value transparency and honesty and always include disclosures such as when we use affiliate links in our content.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t like to talk about overly-hyped products that don’t offer you any value.
We don’t like to be the ones that contribute to the marketing of brands with empty promises.
We don’t like to mislead our readers with meaningless buzzwords of the moment.

How We Review Products

Did you know that retinol takes several weeks to work and to give noticeable results? The same rule applies to most beauty products with active ingredients.

Meanwhile, we ask ourselves, what’s the incentive? What makes us use the product days in a row without seeing an immediate effect? It’s the experience that makes us feel pampered.

At Ejollify, we feel that beauty products, especially skincare products, should give us a sense of instant gratification. Whether it’s through a refreshing scent, luxurious-looking packaging, a dewy finish, or a velvety texture, it has to give us something!

That’s why we love a nice feel-good product. Because remember, beauty is not only about looking good, it’s also about feeling good.

Who Reviews Products

As Iclal and Feyza, founders of Ejollify (ejollify.com), we like to recommend the products we use and use the products we recommend. If we like a product, it usually ends up in one or more of our round-ups where we list our favorite products from the same category such as ‘the best salicylic acid serums’ or ‘the best toners for rosacea’. If we really like something, we sometimes do in-depth product reviews and really talk about every single aspect of the product to give you as much information about it as possible before you make a decision.

Affiliate Commissions & Products

Even though we sometimes gain affiliate commissions from some of the products you buy through our links, whether a product is commissionable or not is not a criterion for us. Products on our round-ups are usually in no particular order and affiliate commissions don’t factor into where we place those products.

Review Process

Our review process includes incorporating makeup and skincare products into our daily lives to get a first-hand experience while we go through our day in the office/home. During this time, we bounce ideas off each other and form opinions about whether we liked the product, what we liked about it, how the overall experience was, if it’s worth a shout-out, who’d benefit from that type of product, and how it compares to similar products in the same category.

We also test certain products for a particular reason such as using a waterproof eyeliner in the pool or using a retinol serum on sensitive skin. During the evaluation, we consider product claims and compare those with reality in terms of efficiency.

We have different tastes in makeup and we have different expectations from skincare. For example, when reviewing a retinol serum, one of us considers if it’s suitable for sensitive skin whereas the other focuses on the formulation and whether it’s comedogenic or not.

Similarly, when reviewing a foundation, one of us considers how high the coverage is whereas the other one usually focuses on the finish of it. So whether it’s a face mask or a new eyeshadow palette, we each have our own criteria and considerations, which cumulatively help us form an opinion on a certain beauty product.

Review Criteria

Regardless of the type of product (makeup or skincare), we have a few main criteria while evaluating, reviewing, and testing products. We ask ourselves some questions about the products:

  • What does it contain and how is it formulated?
  • What skin type is it for? Is it comedogenic, oil-free, acnegenic, suitable for sensitive skin?
  • Does the product do what it claims and to what extent?
  • How does it compare to other products with similar ingredients in terms of size and price?
  • Has the product been around long enough to have gathered a mostly positive review from reputable online/offline sources?

We also ask ourselves questions about the makers of the products:

  • Is this a renowned/reliable company or at least a promising new launch?
  • Is the company behind the product reliable in terms of creating products based on efficiency or based on hype?
  • Does the company make products and stick with them or do they keep changing formulations or discontinuing products, which might indicate that something is wrong with the product and it might be a waste of money?


We’re based in Turkey. And we’re a small business running this website from our home office where we eat, work, and test products sometimes all at the same time. We’d love to tell you that we test hundreds of beauty products every day but, again, we’re a small business. And we’re not bombarded with free products every day. We pay for them! In fact, because of high tax rates on cosmetics in our country, we probably pay more for them than our average US-based reader. So we also try to include budget-friendly alternatives in our round-ups.

Diversity of The Products

As much as we like to keep things diverse and inclusive, most of the skincare and makeup that make it to our country are mainstream, household names. We mostly rely on travel to try out new brands to keep our palette diverse. But we’re dedicated to being a platform that’s equally helpful for People of Color as well. That’s why we make an exception for brands owned by BIPOC. If we believe that the products are solid, we recommend them even if we personally didn’t get a chance to use them.

Content Updates

Things change and evolve and so do the information and the formulation of the skincare products we use. That’s why we regularly do reviews and content updates. This is to ensure that we provide you with the latest and most accurate information. If there’s any new development on a certain skincare treatment, we make sure we go back and add that new information to the relevant article. Similarly, skincare products can be re-formulated and previous ingredients may no longer be accurate. So our aim to update existing content is to stay on top of things.

A Message From Ejollify

We’re growing every single day. The number of our readers keeps changing, but one thing stays constant; our passion and dedication to keeping you informed and entertained. We appreciate the support of our readers from all around the world and hope to keep growing. Thank you for your loyalty. We’re not huge fans of social media, but you can contact us via Instagram and say hi.

Contact Us

Here are some other ways you can contact us depending on your preference.

You can email us at [email protected]
If you want to call us or send us a letter, you can reach us at the following:

Alkent 2000. Mah. Hadimkoy Yolu Cad.
No:147/1 West Blocks Sitesi A/68

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