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Iclal Eroglu


37, single AF, English Literature major.
Loves anti-aging and injectables.

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Feyza Eroglu


30, equally single, M.A. in Economics.
Loves anything skin-clearing and in a sheet mask form.


Get the latest scoop on skincare, makeup, anti-aging, and wellness for women in their 20s & 30s.


Iclal Eroglu, the sole content creator for Ejollify with a teaching background, talks all things skincare.


We reach out to plastic surgeons for insights, read literature on the latest trends, and test out products so you don’t have to.


Best French Anti-Aging Products

Level Up Your Anti-Aging Skincare with These French Products

If you think your current skincare hasn’t really gotten you anywhere, it’s time to try French anti-aging products.

Best Skin-Firming Ingredients

If You Want Firmer Skin, These Are The Best Ingredients To Tighten Your Skin

People are getting annoyed over a few pimples. And I’m over here like “wait till you get saggy skin”!

Best Skin Tightening Serums

I Tried Several Skin-Tightening Serums That Promise To Lift & Firm -These Are The Ones That Work

Skin tightening serums can give your face a more lifted, firmer appearance. But being in my late 30s, dealing with mild sagging around the jawline and the cheeks, and having tried serum after serum to remedy the situation, I can assure you that not all skin-tightening serums work the same way.


botox for hooded eyes

This is How Botox Fixes Hooded Eyes a.k.a. The Botox Brow Lift

Botox or any other neurotoxin can reduce the appearance of hooded eyes by giving you a little bit of lift on the brow area. But there are a lot of strings attached.

botox or fillers - which one should you get

Botox vs. Fillers, Which One Should You Get?

Even though they’re both injectables that improve the look of wrinkles, they work differently.

Botox For Jawline Slimming

Botox For Jawline: Instant Face Slimming With Botox Injections

This arguably magical product seems to be the one missing piece of every god damn puzzle on earth! And now, we have Botox for jawline slimming!

LowDown: Winter Skin-Care

Winter is around the corner. And with winter comes dry, flaky skin.
If you’re not sure how to manage that, below is your winter skincare guide including quick tips, winter moisturizers, and water-boosting serums to try!

Winter Skincare Tips

The Right Way to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

The skincare products that usually stay on the surface of your skin start to disappear into your skin. That’s when you know it’s winter and your skin is parched and you’re in urgent need of some winter skincare tips!

Best Moisturizers For Winter

The Winter Moisturizers to Slather on For Flake-Free Skin

When winter takes over, even the oiliest skin types have trouble adjusting to the harsh weather. Is this the same face that was like one big greasy sausage finger during the summer and is now all bone-dry?

Best Hydrating Serums For Dry Skin

11 Hydrating Serums To Quench Dry Skin Instantly

Dry skin absorbs a hydrating face serum the way a dry sponge absorbs water. Combining the penetrating abilities of a face serum with the skin-plumping effects of a hydrating formula, you can achieve instant and visible hydration.

Best Barrier Creams

The Best Barrier Creams To Rebuild Your Skin Barrier

While we add new skincare ingredients into our skincare routines to solve our skin problems, we sometimes end up opening the door for new skin problems.

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