Argireline is The Closest Thing to Botox Minus The Needles

Best Argireline Skincare Products

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No matter how gimmicky it sounds, the hype behind Argireline products is pretty solid. The best Argireline products are touted as Botox in a jar and for good reason. Just for starters, Argireline was literally made to mimic Botox.

Argireline and Botox have two things in common. First, they both work by limiting muscle movement to reduce wrinkles. Second, both of them are brand names so successful that their names are associated with the product. People aren’t that familiar with botulinum toxin. But everybody knows what Botox is. Similarly, people hardly recognize acetyl hexapeptide-8. But everybody knows about Argireline.

Even if you don’t, no worries. Here you’ll find what Argireline is, how it works in skincare, and the best products to try.

What is Argireline?

Argireline is the brand name for a certain neuropeptide called acetyl hexapeptide-8 (1). It was previously known as acetyl hexapeptide-3. Argireline works by blocking communication between certain cells to limit muscle contraction. As a result, it reduces excess muscle movement, smooths out wrinkles, and reduces wrinkle depth (2).

To give a background, peptides are multiple amino acids chained together (3). And there are 3 types of peptides; signal, carrier, and neuropeptides. And that’s the category Argireline belongs to -it’s a neuropeptide. It’s basically made of amino acids bound together to block cell communication and facial muscle movement.

So when we talk about the benefits of Argireline, we mean the benefits of those specific amino acids sequenced in a certain way. On a side note, Argireline is owned by Lipotec; a company based in Spain. It’s a patented ingredient other brands also utilize in their own products.

How Does Argireline Work in Skincare?

Argireline stops the release of acetylcholine, which is a chemical messenger (a neurotransmitter) that causes muscle contraction. By blocking this neurotransmitter, Argireline prevents/limits the movement of facial muscles (4).

As a result, it softens wrinkles, especially the hyperactive ones that are called expression lines such as lines around the mouth and between the brows. Because of the way they interfere with neurotransmitters, neuropeptides like Argireline are also called neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides.

Benefits of Argireline Skincare Products

The most impressive, and probably the only proven, benefit of Argireline is its ability to smooth out wrinkles.

When we talk about anti-aging and fighting wrinkles, we usually talk about SPF, or free radicals, or some sort of skincare ingredient that speeds up skin turnover.

That type of approach is more geared towards getting rid of wrinkles by getting rid of the cause of wrinkles. For example, retinol regulates cell turnover. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals.

In this scenario, Argireline would be like treating symptoms rather than treating the disease. Because it doesn’t stimulate collagen or protect the skin against the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

It’s a temporary solution and doesn’t have any effect on long-term wrinkle reduction. Argireline works topically to relax the facial muscles. But this doesn’t make it any less useful. Because sometimes, treating the symptom is what you want when you need instant relief.

Think of it this way. If you want long-term benefits using clinical procedures, you get a laser skincare treatment. If you want quicker results, you get Botox injections.

Similarly, if you want long-term benefits using topical skincare, you grab a retinol serum. If you want instant results, you get a wrinkle patch soaked in acetyl hexapeptide-8.

Because peptides are amino acids, they can hydrate the skin, which might explain why people claim Argireline moisturizes the skin.

On a side note, it’s easy to get caught up and get too excited when there’s a hot new magic ingredient that claims to do wonders. As this is a patented ingredient, I tried to reach out to someone from Lipotec to clear up some things.

For example, this derm-reviewed article claims it produces collagen. Does it? According to Dorota Niemczycka, Marketing Communications Manager at Lubrizol Life Science, Lipotec’s parent company, they did not run tests regarding Argireline’s effect on collagen production.

That’s why Lipotec boasts Argireline’s ability to soften expression lines -nothing more. And from what’s out there, I couldn’t find any human trials to confirm that this peptide promotes collagen synthesis.

Dorota was kind enough to share brochures on both Argireline and the new, improved version of it, Argireline Amplified, which aims to reduce consumers’ reliance on a dozen of products to achieve smoother, youthful skin. I’m personally on the lookout for this all-in-one hero. Looking at you, The Ordinary!

Side Effects of Argireline

Argireline/acetyl hexapeptide-8 has no documented side effects. But other ingredients in the products can always interfere with other active ingredients. Even though Argireline is safe, it doesn’t mean that all Argireline serums are safe.

And there’s also the fact that The Ordinary, offering the most popular Argireline product, has its own set of rules for their products. This is a good reminder to always read the instruction labels on your products no matter how safe the ingredient is.

How to Use Argireline Products

As you can gather, Argireline is for when you need quicker results on specific areas of the face. For that reason, Argireline is commonly used in anti-wrinkle patches or under-eye gel masks. These types of products are in alignment with how Argireline works. Quick execution and quick results.

However, you can always go for more potent serums or creams where Argireline is paired with other ingredients like antioxidants or signal peptides like Matrixyl. That way, you can collect both long-term and short-term benefits.

The Best Argireline Skincare Products

If you get the gist of acetyl hexapeptide-8, below are the best Argireline creams and serums.

1. Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 - Best Argireline Skincare Products

This intense treatment is perfect for restoring elasticity on aging skin. The peptide complex includes Argireline as well as signal peptides, which stimulate collagen synthesis. Besides peptides, the serum targets wrinkles with antioxidant-rich botanicals as well as vitamin C. It also plumps up the skin with a combination of humectants like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and algae extract.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine
Key Benefits: Plumps fine lines, firms skin
Skin Type: All
Size: 1 oz/30 ml
Good To Know: Non-comedogenic

2. The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10%

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10%

This is the most affordable Argireline serum that works. The minimal formula packs a high concentration of the magic neuropeptide to relax overly-active muscles. It irons out the wrinkles around the mouth and on the forehead and gives you a more youthful look. The budget-friendly serum is a great way to test out the benefits of this ingredient in its most isolated form.

Key Ingredients: Argireline
Key Benefits: Minimizes the appearance of expression lines
Skin Type: All
Size: 1 oz/30 ml
Good To Know: Oil-free, fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free

3. Strivectin High-Potency Wrinkle Filler

Strivectin High-Potency Wrinkle Filler - Best Argireline Skincare Products

This is a wrinkle spot treatment to zero in on wrinkles. You can use it on specific areas of the face where wrinkles are most visible. The wrinkle filler plumps the skin from the inside and smooths it out from the outside. It infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid and enhances moisture with niacinamide. It has caffeine to boost microcirculation and give the skin a tightening effect. And with acetyl hexapeptide-8, it relaxes and diminishes wrinkles.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, hyaluronic acid, caffeine
Key Benefits: Fills in wrinkles, smooths out fine lines
Skin Type: All
Size: 0.5 oz/15 ml
Good To Know: Silicone-free

4. Derma E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Moisturizer

Derma E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Moisturizer

This one is a daily anti-aging cream that packs all the goodies for both long-term and instant results. Besides Argireline as the neuropeptide, it has signal peptides to nudge the skin into producing more collagen. In addition, it has vitamins C, E, A, and green tea for their high antioxidant capacity to repair free radical damage. The moisturizer infuses the skin with replenishing fatty acids, age-reversing antioxidants, and wrinkle-smoothing peptides.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, signal peptides, vitamin C, vitamin B5
Key Benefits: Moisturizes, softens fine lines, smooths skin texture
Skin Type: All, especially dry
Size: 2 oz/ 56 gr
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

5. Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Hydrating Mask

Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Hydrating Mask - Best Argireline Skincare Products

This is a 10-minute sheet mask for the eye area where the wrinkles are the most annoying. The mask fills in wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, reduces dark circles with arbutin and tranexamic acid, and smooths out wrinkles with Argireline as well as signal peptides. Again, these are the types of products where Argireline thrives by giving quick and visible results.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, tranexamic acid, arbutin
Key Benefits: Plumps fine lines under the eyes, minimizes dark circles
Skin Type: All
Size: 5 masks
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

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6. Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream

Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream - Best Argireline Skincare Products

Speaking of the eye area, this peptide eye cream targets crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes with Argireline. It has a moisturizing base made with shea butter. And it’s infused with ceramides to enhance moisture retention to soften the look of wrinkles around the eyes. Plus, the eye cream gets rid of hyperpigmentation and dark circles with caffeine and vitamin C.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, ceramides, caffeine
Key Benefits: Softens under-eye wrinkles, reduces puffiness
Skin Type: All
Size: 0.5 oz/15 ml
Good To Know: Fragrance-free

7. La Mer The Regenerating Serum

La Mer The Regenerating Serum

This splurge has so much more to it than just Argireline. It boosts moisture with algae extract and niacinamide. And it packs antioxidant-rich botanicals like grape seed and soybean extracts as well as vitamin E. They reverse the effects of free radicals on the skin and help your skin bounce back from the damage. With this serum, you don’t put a bandaid on wrinkles with Argireline. But you actually reduce them over time while also targeting other signs of aging like hyperpigmentation, dehydration, rough skin, and dullness.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, vitamin E, caffeine, acetyl glucosamine
Key Benefits: Minimizes signs of aging, plumps up fine lines, increases radiance
Skin Type: All
Size: 1 oz/30 ml

8. Wander Beauty Staycation Hydrating Mask

Wander Beauty Staycation Hydrating Mask - Best Argireline Skincare Products

This multi-tasking gem gives you smooth and soft skin instantly. You can use it as a rinse-off mask, an overnight mask, or a super replenishing daily moisturizer. It eliminates dryness and dehydration with cranberry seed oil, which is super rich in nourishing omega fatty acids. The mask maximizes moisture with ceramides. And with Argireline, it also gives instant benefits of relaxed and softened wrinkles.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, ceramides, cranberry seed oil
Key Benefits: Supports skin barrier, leaves skin radiant and soft
Skin Type: All
Size: 2.02 oz/60 ml
Good To Know: Cruelty-free, vegan

9. PCA Skin ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum

Pca Skin ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum - Best Argireline Skincare Products

This is another wrinkle spot treatment you can use whenever you need plump skin fast. Besides squalane and hyaluronic acid, the serum packs a polyhydroxy acid named gluconolactone. Even though it’s a chemical exfoliant, it’s actually an incredible humectant that binds water to the skin and plumps it up. With the help of Argireline, the serum gives you an even skin texture with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, gluconolactone, aloe
Key Benefits: Smooths out fine lines, hydrates, and plumps skin
Skin Type: All
Size: 1 oz/29.5 ml

10. Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Serum

Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Serum

Last but not least, we have this peptide fest. The serum contains a blend of signal peptides to promote new collagen growth and improve skin elasticity. It has Argireline for instant gratification. And it has vitamins C, E, and A to bathe the skin in antioxidants for the ultimate guard against UV-induced skin damage. The serum also has a hydrating base made with polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane, making it one of the best Argireline serums.

Key Ingredients: Argireline, signal peptides, vitamin C, polyglutamic acid
Key Benefits: Softens wrinkles, brightens, hydrates
Skin Type: All
Size: 1 oz/30 ml

So this is how Argireline works in skincare and the best Argireline serums and creams to get started. If you prefer something that targets multiple skin concerns, you can’t go wrong with Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapir Firm + Lift Treatment as it’s an overall rich formula that helps with dullness, and hyperpigmentation and also leaves skin dewy. If budget is a concern and you really want to give Argireline a try, definitely go for The Ordinary Argireline Solution as it’s the most affordable with the highest Argireline concentration.


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