10 Body Masks To Care For Your Chest, Boobs, and Butt

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Best Body Masks

One aspect of my body care routine has been more relaxing than getting a bubble massage from an old lady in a Turkish bath. And that’s doing body masks. I miss going to hammam back in the “precedented times”. But ever since the unprecedented times kicked in, body masks have been a way of stress relief, self-care, and body care for me. In case you’ve never tried one before, you’ll be surprised to see that there is a body mask for every body skin concern.

There are sheet masks for your butt, clay masks for your body, silicone masks for your chest, and so much more for body acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and dryness. But know that you need to manage expectations.

While an exfoliating face mask can give you instant results, a hydrating butt mask won’t give you a toned butt instantly. So body masks are more about temporary solutions. But they do make a fun, relaxing addition to a body care routine.

The Best Body Masks

From hydrating to brightening, find below the best body masks.

Bawdy Butt Sheet Mask Kit

Bawdy Butt Sheet Mask Kit - Best Body Masks

Let me put you up to speed if you’re new to body masks. Bawdy has a whole range of clean body masks in sheet form -all biodegradable, by the way. They also have butt sticks as clay masks. But the butt sheet mask straight up makes you want to work out and do some squats. And there’s a sheet mask for every possible butt concern like firming, brightening, and hydrating. And this right here is the kit where you get to test out every single one of them. But if you’re looking for a single, go for the Slap It Caffeine Butt Mask, which energizes the skin on the butt, lightly exfoliates with citrus fruits to reduce acne on the butt, and hydrates with aloe. There’s a sheet for each cheek!

INC.redible Hydrating Boob and Bum Sheet Mask Duo

INC.redible Hydrating Boob and Bum Sheet Mask Duo

This is a boob & butt mask duo in sheet form. If you’ll be walking around in the house on a Sunday, you can put them on both. Otherwise, it’s not really practical to do them at the same time. The boob mask covers around the areola and infuses the breast skin with hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory allantoin, and brightening vitamin C. Similarly, the butt mask is equally potent to give your butt a little plumping action.

Kopari Pink Souffle Body Mask

Kopari Pink Souffle Body Mask - Best Body Masks

This is one of the best clay body masks you can use for any area. The pink clay is whipped and easy to apply. It’s formulated with antioxidants, brightening niacinamide, and moisturizing coconut oil. So you can spread it on your chest or back to target acne and hyperpigmentation. The big jar of clay is so much fun to use for lazy Sundays when you’re looking for an at-home beauty treatment. By the way, Kopari is vegan and cruelty-free.

SiO Chest Lift

SiO Chest Lift - Best Body Masks for Wrinkles

Sun exposure dehydrates the skin on the chest and makes it look dry and wrinkly. And things become more visible when you push the girls together. So if you’re looking for a mask for chest wrinkles, then you can try silicone patches. You slap on a silicone patch on the area. And because of its occlusivity, the patch plumps up the area and reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles by smoothing out the skin. Silicone patches are reusable and even though the results are temporary, they are incredibly helpful for reducing chest wrinkles. You can also use them overnight. And if you want to include the neck area to reduce neck lines and wrinkles too, then go for the Plunging Neckline Pack to target both areas.

Wrinkles Schminkles Hand Wrinkle Patches

Wrinkles Schminkles Hand Wrinkle Patches

Silicone patches can also be used for the hands. Normally, a good hand cream and a good routine where you frequently moisturize your hands are enough to keep the hands soft, smooth, and youthful. But trust me, people get obsessed with how their hands and nails look a weird amount, especially social media influencers where your nails and hands are supposed to look “super smooth and sleek”. So even though silicone patches won’t treat your hand wrinkles, they can make them disappear temporarily. Slap these on for a few hours or overnight for Insta-worthy nail inspiration shots.

Glamglow Bright Between The Girls

Glamglow Bright Between The Girls

This is another mask for the chest area. It’s a serum-infused sheet mask and it’s holographic. Glamglow sure knows how to make masking fun! The sheet is pre-soaked in hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening caffeine and green tea, and soothing vitamin B5. The 10-minute mask is great for freshening up the decollete area before a special occasion.

True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask

True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask

Exfoliation is the best way to go when it comes to stimulating collagen production, smoothing out the skin, reducing wrinkles and acne, and brightening the skin. It’s the same for body skin too. Body peels help with hyperpigmentation on the back or chest, flaky skin on the legs or arms, and overall dry body skin. And this exfoliating body mask is perfect for that. It’s made with lactic acid, so it’s as gentle as they come. Lactic acid also helps hydrate the skin, so the body mask is both hydrating and exfoliating. In addition, the clean, non-toxic mask has antioxidant-rich green tea. Use it once a week and then follow up with a good body lotion.

Frank Body Charcoal Body Scrub + Mask

Frank Body Charcoal Body Scrub + Mask - Best Body Masks

This can work both as a scrub and a charcoal mask. Charcoal is anti-bacterial. That’s why it is always formulated into face masks for acne. So you can try this one for body acne and scarring. The body mask also has the anti-bacterial tea tree oil to better target blemishes on the body. If you’re actively dealing with acne, mask it, don’t scrub it. You might irritate your skin and worsen acne.

Lush Volcano Foot Mask

Lush Volcano Foot Mask - Best Body Masks

Foot mud masks may get messy. But remember, pedicures aren’t cheap! This is a clay mask that’s made with pumice powder to exfoliate harsh, rough skin on the feet and help soften things out. It also contains papaya for gentle, enzymatic exfoliation too. The natural foot mask helps a lot with achieving softer, smoother feet when you’ve been wearing heels.

Booby Tape Pink Clay Breast Mask

Booby Tape Pink Clay Breast Mask

I’m 36 and a DD. I’m not a big fan of my big breasts, the stretch marks that came with them, and the fact that they look like they’re losing shape by the day. So trust me when I say that no amount of boob masking can give you perkier boobs. However, it’s never a bad thing to take care of your body, be it some part you like or some part you don’t, and just have fun doing it. This is a pink clay mask that’s enriched with fruit extracts and botanical oils to nourish the skin on your boobs. Apply it all over for better-feeling breasts.

So these are some of the best body masks you can use for your chest, neck, boobs, and butt. Remember to manage your expectations. A body mask cannot treat stretch marks or get rid of cellulite. Just have fun with it. But if you’re serious about your body care routine, you can try anti-aging body lotions.

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