The Best Cream Highlighters For Dewy & Luminous Skin

Best Cream Highlighters

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Ever since we found the secret to Victoria’s Secret models’ glowing makeup, highlighters have been the go-to products for glowing skin. Some might enjoy a fan brush kissing on the high points of their cheeks. But for seamlessly blended dewy makeup, we know that creamy formulas are where it’s at. Enter the best cream highlighters.

Cream highlighters are highlighters in cream form. They usually come in a small pot or stick. The texture varies and can have a very balmy, or soft creamy consistency.

The cream form makes these formulas seamless, and smooth and allows the pigments to look more natural on the skin.

Basically, cream highlighters give you the ‘I’ve been dipped into the lake of the golden gods’ look and not the ’70s glitter rock star’ look.

Cream highlighters blend in seamlessly with your makeup. They don’t look patchy like some powder highlighters might. And more importantly, they are incredibly instrumental in creating a no-makeup makeup look.

Here, you’ll find amazing cream highlighters with a variety of finishes; from barely-there dew to blinding glow and for fair skin to darker skin!

The Best Cream Highlighters

Keep reading for the best cream highlighters for every skin tone.

1. RMS Beauty Luminizer

RMS Beauty Luminizer - Best Cream Highlighters

One of the most flattering products you can have in your makeup bag is this cream highlighter. And not just for wet and dewy makeup or showing off youthful skin. It’s an instant refresher for the entire face. You’re going to want to put this one on after your shower! It’s one of those feel-good products. The cream highlighter has coconut oil in it, so it melts with heat and glides on the cheeks. While the shade Living Luminizer is perfect for the inner corner of the eyes to open them up, the shade Gold Luminizer is the one to grab for dewy summer skin.

Shades: 4
Size: 0.17 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free

2. Milk Makeup Highlighter

Milk Makeup Highlighter - Best Cream Highlighters

For glitter-free hands, this cream highlighter stick is a staple! Throw it in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups or swipe it on the cheeks by the pool to pop up your tan. Just like their cream blush, the buttery texture moisturizes the complexion and gives you healthy and fresh-looking skin. It completes your makeup, but it also illuminates bare skin in the most natural-looking way with a glistening effect. Besides, the champagne shade looks good on any skin color!

Shades: 6
Size: 0.21 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free, vegan

3. Kora Organics Crystal Luminizer

Kora Organics Crystal Luminizer

This one used to come in different shades but now there’s a single shade, which is disappointing. It’s a pinky shade, which disappears into the skin and leaves a very subtle glow with neutral undertones. Not sure if it’s because of the fact that it’s organic and is filled with good-for-skin ingredients, but the cream highlighter melts into the skin and lights up a soft and wet glow.

Shades: 1
Size: 0.21 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free, vegan

4. Tower 28 Beauty SuperDew Shimmer-Free Highlight Balm

Tower 28 Beauty SuperDew Shimmer-Free Highlight Balm

Not everyone’s a fan of super glowy and metallic highlighters. And for those of you, this one is so subtle that you’re going to get addicted! It’s more for a glass skin type situation where you just can’t stop boomeranging your face on Insta. The cream highlighter is formulated with skin-loving botanicals like aloe and shea butter. You can also use it as a base and apply a tinted moisturizer over it. This will give you that sun-kissed look with light coverage and a glow-from-within finish.

Shades: 1
Size: 0.158 oz
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

5. Benefit Watt’s Up! Champagne Cream Highlighter

Benefit Watt's Up! Champagne Cream Highlighter

The subtle dewy finish of this cream highlighter is more like a glass skin gloss and less like a glittery finish. That’s why it looks good on every skin type and tone! The light-reflecting formula brings about a healthy dew to the complexion without giving you an overly-done look. It’s also the perfect refresher to use on bare skin. The stick has a sponge on the other end you can use to blend your highlighter. But if you want the most natural look, dampen the sponge and blend the highlighter that way.

Shades: 1
Size: 0.33 oz

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6. Ilia Illuminator

Ilia Illuminator - Best Cream Highlighters

This one comes in 2 shades and the range includes beautiful gold as well as metallic silver. The energizing finish is all thanks to the creamy texture formulated with sunflower seed and avocado oils. This clean beauty must-have is a skincare makeup hybrid and is as skin-friendly as it gets. As it offers a light and non-streaky application, the highlighter doesn’t ruin your foundation. Because of its rich, emollient texture, this one is a great cream highlighter for mature skin.

Shades: 2
Size: 0.18 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free

7. Glossier Haloscope

Glossier Haloscope - Best Cream Highlighters

With pearly, golden, and pinky pigments, these sticks set the tone of your makeup. You can go for a summer tan pop or a youthful and playful pop. Either way, you’ll pop. The trick is the crystals. The highlighter stick has a balm in the center made with vitamin-rich coconut and sweet almond oils. Around that balm is the same texture that contains crystals. So, both your skin and your makeup can benefit from the stick. The highlighter gives a super easy application and is one of the best cream highlighters for a non-greasy, healthy glow.

Shades: 3
Size: 0.19 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free

8. Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator

Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator

For the ultimate blush and highlighter combo, this one is gorgeous. It’s a multi-tasking makeup must-have that can enhance your beauty right on the go. From peachy coral to rosy pinks, the blush and the highlighter give you those rosy cheeks with exquisite radiance. Use the blush to color up your cheeks and lips and the highlighter to wake up your complexion.

Shades: 5
Size: 0.4 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free, vegan

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9. Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter

And if you want something you can find at your local drugstore that’s more on the affordable side, this one has all the right shades. For a more in-between dewy look, the shade Champagne will reflect light very well. The shade Copper can work as a highlighter on darker skin tones and as a glowy bronzer for more medium skin tones. Either way, this is an incredibly flattering cream-to-powder highlighter.

Shades: 5
Size: 0.17 oz
Good To Know: Hypoallergenic, cruelty-free

10. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter - Best Cream Highlighters

Last but not least, this highlighter with a light creamy texture is just too beautiful to pass on. Aside from being a gorgeous highlighter, it also multi-tasks. Blend it in with a matte foundation to make it dewier. Apply it as a primer to boost your foundation’s glow. Or simply amplify your natural beauty by applying it after your moisturizer. The shade range is amazing and every single one of them is more flattering than the other one.

Shades: 12
Size: 1 oz
Good To Know: Cruelty-free

How To Apply Cream Highlighter

The potential problem with a cream highlighter is that you can move your foundation if you don’t apply it correctly. With any creamy and balmy-textured products, the best way to apply a cream highlighter is by using your fingers.

Dab your finger into the jar or on the stick and take a small amount of highlighter. It’ll become more creamy after a few seconds. From then on, pat your fingers onto your cheekbones or wherever you want to apply it.

If you want to use your stick highlighter directly onto the skin, swipe it on the back of your hand first. The top of the stick will glide more easily from the heat.

You definitely don’t need a brush for creamy highlighters. But if you want to, stippling brushes are the best.

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