Botox For Jawline Slimming, Everything You Need To Know

Botox For Jawline Slimming

Is there anything Botox can’t do? Apparently not. This arguably magical product seems to be the one missing piece of every goddamn puzzle on earth! And now, we have Botox for jawline slimming!

Botox is no longer the “last resort”. On the contrary, it’s been one of the most popular, go-to procedures for pretty much anything! Beauty enthusiasts, including yours truly, have been dying to get more out of Botox injections.

Because they have been life-changing anti-aging treatments to smooth out wrinkles and delay their formation, which is known as preventative Botox.

And now, Botox has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Bruxism or teeth-grinding. Coincidentally, it’s the hot new procedure for instant jawline slimming. So I, along with my sister and sister-in-law, finally tried it!

If you feel like you need an extra touch to enhance your profile, you can try Botox for jawline slimming and subtle facial reshaping. Here’s everything you need to know about jawline Botox.

What Is Jawline Botox?

Jawline Botox is the procedure of injecting Botox into the enlarged muscles in the jawline (1). These muscles are called the masseter muscles.

And that’s why jawline Botox is also called masseter Botox. These muscles shrink in size after the injections, giving you a slimmer, more feminine jawline.

If you’re like me and into the nitty gritty, below is more detail about the masseter muscles.

What Are the Masseter Muscles?

The masseters are the muscles on each side of the face located in the rear lower jaw. They are essential for talking, eating, and chewing (2).

You can feel these muscles yourself. Just clench your jaw and feel the bulging on each side of your jaw. But they’re not the problem. When they enlarge, they can be. So what causes enlarged masseter muscles?

The reason for bigger masseter muscles can be genetics. It can also be teeth-grinding, jaw-clenching, and nail-biting. These habits cause the masseter muscles to overwork and get stronger over time. This is basically doing the Kegel for the jaw!

Think about weight-lifting and how that results in enlarged and prominent muscles. It’s the same case for the jaw. The bigger the muscles, the more square the face looks.

Think about grinding your teeth every night for about 5 hours. You’re doing what bodybuilders do to their bodies. Except that you’re doing that to your face.

These “exercises” cause the masseter muscles to become more prominent, making them an aesthetic concern, especially for women.

Aside from giving you a bulky, more masculine jawline, these habits also cause pain for a lot of people. Teeth grinding is a common cause of severe headaches and uncomfortable tension in the face.

Who Is Jawline Botox For?

Jawline Botox is for anyone who’s looking to slim down the face and subtly reshape and contour their profile for cosmetic reasons.

It’s also a very effective treatment for anyone who wants to get rid of the habit of teeth grinding, especially during sleep. This was the reason why the three of us wanted to get it.

Whether you want to get rid of the pain or you’re unhappy with strong and noticeable masseter muscles, jawline Botox is an easy, convenient option.

How Does Jawline Botox Work?

Jawline Botox is a quick, walk-in procedure. Your doctor, hopefully, a board-certified plastic surgeon, examines your face to assess the strength of the masseter muscles. The injection site is marked and then prepped with alcohol for injections.

The marking is like 3-4 dots on each masseter to pinpoint the injection sites. Your doctor will inject Botox into the masseter muscles on each side of the jaw.

These injections temporarily and partially paralyze the masseter muscles. The aim is to relax the overly engaged muscles and prevent unintentional over-use.

The masseter muscles will gradually shrink in size in the following weeks as they gradually become weaker. So you cannot grind your teeth at all.

That’s also how Botox helps with jawline slimming. The smaller masseter muscles give the face an oval, more feminine look with a slim jawline, which also accentuates your midface and your chin.

And with bulging muscles out of the way, you have a contoured jawline. Your doctor will give you further instructions, but you can go back to your daily life immediately after the procedure.

During my examination, my injector asked me to clench my jaw to reveal the muscles in their full glory! Then he injected Botox into my clenched jaw. He did it 3 times on each side to cover the area.

Below is my sister getting her masseter Botox injections. She already has a pretty slim face but the teeth grinding was giving her an uncomfortable headache in the morning.

Botox Injections Into the Jawline
Feyza Eroglu/Jawline Botox

Jawline Botox Before and After

This beautiful lady below went through a jawline Botox procedure at Skin Thesis Clinic in West Hollywood, California. You can see the significant change in her jawline.

Botox in Jawline - Before And After Picture
Image Courtesy of Skin Thesis Clinic

How Long Does Jawline Botox Take?

The jawline Botox procedure takes about 15 minutes, including the examination and the injections. The results are usually visible in 2 weeks.

In my case, my masseter muscles were very prominent. And I started to see visible changes after 3 weeks. I stopped grinding my teeth in my sleep and my headaches were completely gone. After about 6 weeks, my jawline was noticeably slimmer.

How Long Does Jawline Botox Last?

Regular injections of Botox last about 5 months. But jawline Botox in the masseter muscles can last up to 6-8 months. Mine lasted about 6 months. The reason why it takes longer and lasts longer is the strength of the muscles.

The injection area is bigger and stronger compared to the area around the eyes or between the brows. That’s why Botox takes a little bit longer to fully kick in when injected into the jaw.

What Happens When Jawline Botox Wears Off?

You may be wondering what happens when Botox wears off. Does your jawline go back to its original shape after injections wear off? That depends. With Botox, your masseter muscles get smaller.

Once it wears off, they slowly go back to their normal shape and strength in time. But if your teeth grinding habits come back, your masseter muscles become stronger again.

Until you completely remove the causes of enlarged muscles, there’s always a chance that things will go back to what they were. So it’s better to give this treatment a shot and fully commit so that your muscle memory simply erases this habit.

How Many Units Do You Need?

First of all, don’t worry about it. This is not essential for you to know. And this answer almost completely depends on your injector. During your consultation, your injector decides how many units you need and how often you need them.

Although the answer changes from person to person, generally, 20 units of Botox are injected. You are most likely to be called for a follow-up so that your doctor can assess the efficacy of the injections.

That’s when you can get an answer for how many units and how many treatments would be the best for your case. Most people need 1 or 2 treatments in a year.

My sister received another injection during her follow-up as our doctor decided she could use more. Additionally, no matter how many units are used, they’re not injected all at once. It’s more like a couple of units with a couple of injections on each side.

Is Jawline Botox Painful?

Most people do not need numbing creams for the injections as the application’s practically pain-free. But you do have the option to do so.

The needles used in Botox injections are much thinner compared to regular injections. They look like insulin needles. These tiny needles make the procedure almost pain-free.

But, if you’re worried about pain, make sure you talk about this with your injector to avoid any surprises. Personally, I can say that it was a bit more unpleasant than getting Botox for my forehead wrinkles, but thankfully, it didn’t take long.

How Much Does Jawline Botox Cost?

This is another variant of the procedure. The cost depends on a lot of things. Your case, the strength of the muscles, the number of units you need, the number of treatments you’ll get, the geographical area where your physician practices, the level of expertise your physician has, and more.

I mean the price in Nashville is not going to be the price in Beverly Hills. But for starters, a minimum amount of $700 is expected.

Some people prefer Dysport as a cost-effective alternative to Botox. Learn more about the differences between Dysport and Botox.

What Are the Advantages of Jawline Botox?

  • It’s a temporary and painless procedure.
  • It’s a quick, practical, and relatively cheaper way to get a slimmer profile.
  • If you don’t like the results, you can stop getting more injections.
  • It’s non-invasive.
  • There are no critical complications, unlike jaw reduction surgery.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to get it done.
  • It’s cheaper compared to more invasive methods.
  • The results are visible in just a few weeks.

What Are the Side Effects of Jawline Botox?

  • It can cause tenderness and swelling around the jaw for the first few days after the injections.
  • Though minimal, you may experience bruising on the injection areas.
  • You may experience some discomfort while chewing your food in the first couple of days.

Who Performs the Injections?

Here’s something we observed that nobody seems to address when talking about this procedure. While my sister and I saw a plastic surgeon for our injections, my sister-in-law saw a dentist.

Remember, teeth grinding is also bad for your teeth. So dentists can do the injections too. But we concluded that it’s best to see someone like a plastic surgeon as there’s an aesthetic concern, even if it’s not your main concern.

Because it looked like my sister-in-law had more units injected into her jawline. That’s what we concluded because her smile changed a little bit as she wasn’t able to smile all the way until her Botox wore off.

Additionally, her discomfort was more noticeable when eating compared to us. She wasn’t able to bite her food as much as she wanted to.

Though her dentist saw her in the follow-up and said everything was fine, she wasn’t as happy with her results as much as we were. This is your reminder to see an esthetic professional when esthetics are concerned.

How Is Jawline Botox Different Than Jawline Filler?

Botox is used in the jaw for reducing the size of the masseter muscles. This procedure slims down the face. If you want a full contour in your jawline and your chin, you should consider fillers.

Contrary to Botox, fillers enhance the face. That’s why it’s important to manage your expectations from jawline Botox. Jawline fillers are used when you want more than an oval face.

That’s when you want a more defined and contoured profile. However, masseter reduction with Botox is sometimes a prerequisite for jawline and chin fillers.

Most celebrities combine Botox and fillers to further improve their features. If that’s what you want to achieve, Botox injections in the jaw alone will not be enough for you.

But it can be a complementary treatment for facial contouring. For example, it’s not advisable to inject fillers into the jaw if the masseters are too prominent. That’ll just further enlarge the face!

In that case, you slim down the face with Botox. After the masseters become smaller and your face becomes slimmer, you can then get fillers. This will make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing facial contour.

Keep in mind:
– You can’t slim down a chubby face with jawline Botox.
– You can’t use Botox for facial fat reduction.
– Botox doesn’t melt fat. You do that with buccal fat removal.
– Jawline Botox is not an enhancement; it’s a reduction.
– The results are amazing ONLY IF done by a professional.


All three of us got Jawline Botox mainly because of our teeth grinding during sleep. The jawline slimming effect was just a secondary but pleasant outcome for us. We didn’t go for the second treatment but it was absolutely worth it.

Botox is safe when performed by a certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. A square-shaped face may hurt your self-confidence, but you should never jump into the first clinic you find. All of these treatments can give amazing results only if done by a professional.

Make sure you do your research and find a board-certified plastic surgeon to get the most out of your results. If you’re self-conscious about your prominent jawline, masseter Botox may be exactly what you’re looking for to get a slim jawline.


  1. Fedorowicz, Z., van Zuuren, E. J., & Schoones, J. (2013). Botulinum toxin for masseter hypertrophy. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews2013(9), CD007510.
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