Simple Ways Your Makeup Can Change Your Whole Look

How to Change Your Look With Makeup

We all do makeup for pretty much the same reason; change our look and feel better. But there comes a time when it gets boring and we want to do something more. This is especially annoying when you already wear makeup regularly because that full face becomes your default look. If you’re too used to the way things are, then we’ve got super easy tips for you to change your look with makeup.

Establishing a makeup routine and wearing it every day makes things easier because it doesn’t take too long to get ready. At the same time, you want to switch things up when you’re getting ready for a special occasion, taking a selfie for your story, or you just want to look different than usual.

We are all aware of what’s trending in the makeup world. We’re all exposed to every single one of those trends and they’re too familiar. At the same time, we barely apply those. I watch at least 3 videos on smokey eyes per week but I’ve literally never tried it on myself. When I do, I’m pretty sure it’s going to change my whole look.

By paying attention to simple things in your makeup routine, applying things in a different way, and doing some tweaks here and there, you can dramatically change your look with the makeup you already own. And it can freshen up the way you look and the way you feel.

Read on to check out the best tips on how to change your look with makeup.

1. Start with your eyeliner.

Eyeliner is one of those things that completely revamp your look. If you’re already using one, experiment with different wings. If you’re already doing wings, then focus on defining your eye shape without the wings.

Another way is to change the color of your eyeliner. Black eyeliner can look too heavy sometimes; it can even make you look angry or serious. Try brown eyeliner to define your eyes in a softer way. Apply it on the waterline as well.

2. Lift up your eyes.

Apply your concealer right on the outer corner of your eyes and close to the root of your lower lashes. That white space lifts up the eyes and gives you more room to experiment with your eyeliner. Additionally, a nude or white pen can dramatically open up your eyes when you apply it to the waterline.

Don’t apply anything else there, no mascara for lower lashes, and no eye shadow underneath them. This brings all the focus to the upper side of your eyes and lifts up your eyes. This is especially helpful for people with hooded eyelids.

3. Frame your face with your brows.

Your eye area literally makes half of your face and your brows are a part of it. To redefine your whole face, pay attention to the shape of your eyebrows. You can tweeze the tail of the brows a little thinner than usual.

This gives you the chance to experiment with the shape and draw your brows a little higher. When you draw them higher, your eyes look more lifted and more open. Plus, this makes the forehead look smaller.

4. Flutter your lashes.

Voluminous lashes look so feminine and dramatic. If you’re not gifted with those, faux lashes are the next best thing. The first time you wear fake lashes is a lot like the first time you wear eyeliner; it completely changes your look.

In the meantime, they can be too heavy for a first-timer and too ordinary for a regular. When that’s the case, try wearing just a few individual lashes only on the outer corner of your eyes.

This instantly lifts up your eyes and widens them. Apply a tiny amount of mascara on the rest of the lashes and just like that; you have big lustrous eyes. And if you’ve hooded eyes, we have the best mess-free mascara for you.

5. Get a new pout.

Over-drawing your lips is so old news, but have you actually tried it? The trick is finding the perfect nude lipliner. Otherwise, it’s going to look ridiculous. Find the lip liner that’s closest to the color of your own lips.

Cover the corners of your lips with a concealer or a powder, and then start over-drawing it. Finish up with nude lipstick. If you already have full, fat lips (lucky you), try bold lips with red lipstick.

Remember that you only need mascara and red lipstick to define the whole face. That’s how important your lips are when talking about changing your look with makeup.

6. Experiment with different finishes.

Your base makeup sets the tone for the rest of your face. A dewy finish foundation can jazz up your look if you’re using a matte one on a daily basis. The opposite of this is also true if you’re always glowing.

Try using a different finish foundation. If you only own matte ones, see these tips on how to make your matte foundation dewy. Another way that makeup can help you change your look is by skipping foundation.

Try wearing eye makeup and glossy lips along with some false freckles on your face. This looks incredibly natural and soft and can actually make you look younger. Play around with your base makeup for different vibes.

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7. Redefine your face shape.

As much as it’s messy, face contouring is a great way to define the shape of your face. The thing is most of us are already doing it either with an actual contour palette or a bronzer. But the trick is not shaping the face but reshaping it.

You don’t even need a contour palette for this. You can use your bronzer, your brown eyeshadow, or even brown lipstick to contour your face. Apply it a little above your own cheekbones to lift up your face.

Apply it beneath your lower lip to make them look fuller. You can use your bronzer as an eyeshadow too to create a wholesome look with one single product. Make use of multi-purpose makeup products.

8. Keep trying.

As long as you keep experimenting, there are a lot of ways you can change your look with makeup. And it doesn’t even end there. To jazz things up, try a self-tanner for a more glowing complexion. A different skin tone will change the way the colors look on your skin.

A lipstick or an eyeshadow color you find boring can look amazing when you have a tan. Another way is to whiten your teeth. It opens up your smile and brightens up your face.

And lastly, you can always get a haircut. The way you usually do your makeup can look pretty different with a new haircut. Don’t worry, it never gets boring as long as you keep an open mind.

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