How To Apply Mascara on Your Bottom Lashes Like a Pro

How To Apply Mascara on Bottom Lashes

When we think of applying mascara on upper eyelashes, we think of fluttery, dusky lashes with an amazing curl, volume, and length. And when we think of mascara on lower eyelashes, all we can come up with is raccoon eyes. It’s because applying mascara on the bottom lashes is tricky.

While trying to define your lower lashes, you might end up with spidery lashes, and smudged mascara. But when done right, bottom lash mascara can open up your eyes, give you a more dramatic look, and help your eye makeup game in so many different ways. If you’re new to it, here’s how to apply mascara on your bottom lashes.

How To Apply Mascara on Bottom Lashes

1. Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is less likely to smudge. So before anything else, use a waterproof formula on your bottom lashes to minimize and prevent mascara from smudging.

Also, even though there are special mascaras for bottom lashes with tiny wands and bristles, you don’t need a separate mascara. You can just use what you use for your upper lashes.

2. Tilt Your Head Down

Tilting your head down while looking into the mirror is the most comfortable position to put mascara on your bottom lashes.

It’s because that’s when your lower lashes are away from your skin and unlikely to touch the skin. That’s how you keep your lower mascara from smudging to a great extent.

3. Use a Piece of Paper to Prevent Smuding

Alternatively, try placing a little piece of paper or tissue right under the lower lashes. The paper gets messy and if you’re like me and a bit clumsy, this method makes it incredibly easy to apply mascara while keeping your under-eye area clean.

4. Apply Little Amounts

Applying several coats of mascara on your lower lashes is a recipe for raccoon eyes. There is no need to re-dip your mascara wand into the tube.

You only need a small amount of product for your lower eyelashes. You can use what’s left on the wand from your upper lashes.

5. Define Bottom Lashes

Lower lashes are smaller in size and in number. And you shouldn’t approach them the way you approach upper lashes and try layering multiple coats.

So instead of putting on mascara like you’re coating the lashes, hold the mascara vertically and gently touch the lash roots with the tip of the wand first to define the lower lash line.

6. Wiggle and Drag

This is the best way to apply mascara on bottom lashes because you get maximum definition on roots, and thicker and longer lashes all without that clumpy look. So start by placing the mascara wand on the lashes and gently wiggle it left and right.

Then slowly drag it down a little to vertically define lower lashes. Don’t just focus on the middle lashes and remember to apply it on those tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners as well.

7. Clean Up Smudges

Even if you’re doing everything right, there’s a chance you get mascara on the under-eye area. No worries. You can clean things up easily without messing up your makeup. Just dip a cotton swab into micellar water and touch the mascara stains.

The swab will soak things up. Alternatively, let the mascara smudges dry down first. Then get a clean spoolie brush and use it to brush away the dried-up clumps. The jagged tip allows for that.

8. Smudge-Proof Your Bottom Lash Mascara

If your under-eye concealer is particularly emollient and oily and your lower lashes are constantly touching your under-eye area, you may experience smudging later on during the day. To prevent that, you can try setting your undereye concealer with a translucent loose powder.

You can also dust some loose powder on the tip of your lower lashes to prevent that wet smudging. This is like setting your mascara and future-proofing.

So this is how to properly apply mascara on your bottom lashes. Less is more with lower lashes so whatever you do, try to keep it at one or two coats.

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