How to Jade Roll Your Face, Neck, and Body

How To Use a Jade Roller on Your Eyes, Face, Neck, and Body

Face rolling, whether it’s with ice, steel, or minerals, has been the epitome of self-care wrapped up in skincare. But it’s not simply about rolling round objects all over your face. That’s where Jade rolling comes into play. Jade rolling is only one way of face rolling. The Jade aspect brings a spiritual vibe into the mix. And that’s why it makes the most popular mineral used in rollers. Using a Jade roller is pretty instinctive. I mean there’s not really a “dangerous” way to do it. It’s not like you’ll roll it in the wrong direction and change the position of your nose. But as with anything in life, there are ways to do things and then there are better ways to do things. For that reason, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly use a Jade roller on your face, eyes, neck, and your body.

What Is a Jade Roller?

A Jade roller is a face massaging tool made with Jade stones. According to Anjie Cho, who is a feng shui expert, “It is a living stone with qi [life force energy]” (1).

Jade rolling actually brings two different practices together; massaging and using Jade. There’s nothing new about either of these.

Facial massaging, if anything, is a human reflex to calm down in times of stress. And Jade has been used for centuries, especially in China, for its healing and protection benefits.

In a nutshell, Jade rolling combines spiritual healing with physical relaxation and has been an increasingly popular skincare and self-care practice.

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What Are The Benefits of Jade Rolling?

Some use Jade rollers for the benefit of Jade as a gemstone while some are enjoying it simply for the rolling and massaging aspect.

Not all associated benefits are scientifically proven. Well, neither is the benefit of retail therapy but that never stopped us before, did it?

As the spiritual effects of using a Jade roller can’t be measured, the benefits can be attributed to rolling and massaging, which are mostly proven. So here are the most important skin benefits of using a Jade roller.

  1. It immediately increases blood flow in the skin (2). This means an enhanced flow of nutrients in the blood vessels in the skin.
  2. Jade, because it’s an inherently cool stone, helps depuff the face. So Jade rolling can reduce the look of under-eye bags and minimize puffy eyes as a cold spoon would.
  3. Facial massaging, with or without Jade, stimulates lymphatic drainage. As we age, there’s a decrease in our lymphatic vessels (3). A semi-functioning lymphatic system causes a build-up of excess fluid, which doesn’t drain properly. And massaging your face encourages lymph drainage. This is the same for Jade rolling your body too.
  4. Jade rolling is therapeutic. This is something we can all agree on. Who doesn’t love a facial massage? Jade rolling is a great way to wind down, relax, and pamper yourself while doing your skincare routine or giving yourself a facial. I have masseter muscles that are about the size of balls on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m a major jaw-clencher. And I experience a lot of tension headaches. And Jade rolling calms me down immediately.

How To Jade Roll Your Face

Whether it’s for your eyes or your face, the trick is to be very gentle. Don’t apply pressure when rolling it on your face or pressing it in. Simply let the Jade roller glide on the skin. Keep reading to find out how to properly use a Jade roller on your face, your eye area, your neck, and your body.

  1. Start from the center of your face. Place the Jade roller on the right side of your nose and roll it out towards your ear. Do this 5 to 10 times or as many as you like. Once you’re done, repeat the same steps starting from the other side of the nose.
  2. Move to the chin. Starting from the center of your chin, roll the Jade roller across the jawline towards the earlobe. Do the same for the other side of the jawline.
  3. Move on to the forehead. Place the Jade roller above the brow and glide it vertically towards the hairline across the forehead.

How To Jade Roll Your Eyes

  1. Use the smaller side of the Jade roller for your eye area. You’ll be doing two rounds; one for the eyebrow area and one for the under-eye area. And you can imagine completing a half-circle while Jade rolling.
  2. Starting from the beginning of your brow, use the Jade roller following your brow toward the tail as if to complete the upper half of the circle. Do the same for your other brow.
  3. Move on to the under-eye area. Start from the inner corner of the eyes and roll the Jade outward and upward as if to complete the circle. Do it as many times as you like and repeat the same for the other part of your face.

How To Jade Roll Your Neck

  1. Use the bigger side of the Jade for the neck area.
  2. Gently roll down on the neck starting from the jaw towards the collarbone.
  3. Using a Jade roller on your neck and rolling it in a downward motion is aligned with the lymphatic system. As long as you’re gentle, there’s no way you’ll sag your skin simply by rolling Jade on the neck.

How To Jade Roll Your Body

  1. You can use your facial roller for this or get a Jade roller for your body, which happens to be bigger in size.
  2. Just like dry-brushing, start from the feet and use the Jade roller in an upward motion.
  3. Move on to the legs, the stomach, and even your butt. Remember to always go outward and upward, which is the natural direction of the lymphatic system.

When To Use a Jade Roller in Your Routine

There are several ways you can incorporate a Jade roller into your routine. It’s all a matter of preference.

  1. You can use it on your bare face before you start your routine to loosen up your skin and increase penetration.
  2. You can use it to apply every single product in your routine to distribute your serums and creams evenly while massaging them in.
  3. You can use it at the very end of your routine just to seal everything in.
  4. And finally, you can have a separate Jade rolling routine whenever you want to relax and depuff. In that case, apply your favorite oil and start rolling! You can also put on a sheet mask and start rolling over it to maximize the effects of your face mask.

How Often To Use a Jade Roller

There is no right or wrong answer for how often to use a Jade roller. You can use it once or twice a day for full benefits. Consistency is key in a skincare routine. It’s what helps you observe and collect the benefits.

How Long To Jade Roll

Jade starts to warm up after about 5 minutes of rolling because of your skin’s temperature. Even though there’s no right answer for this, I think it’s best to use it at least until it’s no longer cool. You can still use it after that. Plus, it starts to cool back pretty quickly.

Do You Have To Keep It in The Fridge?

Jadestone is inherently cool. So you don’t have to keep it in the fridge for it to be effective. However, if you want to use it as an ice-pack type of thing for instant de-puffing action, you can keep it in the fridge, which will make it even cooler. It’ll wake you up!

How To Pick a Jade Roller

You’ll see that a Jade roller costs anywhere between $3 and $300! This begs the question, is there such thing as a better Jade or is it more about the stone being fake or authentic? Not all of us are experts on crystals, so how do we know?

First off, Jade is green and it comes in different shades of green. There are two types of Jade; jadeite and nephrite. The second one is more common as it’s usually cheaper than jadeite. That’s usually the one we have in our rollers.

To get the most benefits from your roller, stick with well-known brands and avoid cheap face rollers. They won’t have any spiritual value. And as you don’t know what the stones are made of, you might be rolling stones dyed in chemicals all over your face, which can lead to irritation.

Below are some Jade rollers you can safely use for an authentic experience.

Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller

Herbivore Jade De-Puffing Face Roller

Herbivore, a natural skincare brand, offers a variety of face rollers made with different crystals. This dual-sided roller made with natural Jade stone is the best one to care for the eyes, the face, and the neck.

Mount Lai The Jade Textured Facial Roller

Mount Lai The Jade Textured Facial Roller

This is another Jade roller made with real Jade. The textured stone has an extra relaxing feel to it, which enhances the massaging experience. You can use it for your eyes and your face. For hygiene purposes, use it on the eyes first and then move to the face.

Esker Allover Roller

Esker Allover Roller

Not as common as face rollers, but there are Jade rollers for your body too. You get to wake up your system, depuff your body, boost circulation and get energized. This textured Jade roller is big enough to meet all those body care needs.

So this is how to properly use a Jade roller. But remember to keep your tool clean. Because every time you roll it, it collects all those products along with germs on the skin. And every time you use it, you put those back into your skin.

So once you’re done rolling, you can rinse it under the water and wipe it with a clean cloth. To properly clean a Jade roller, soak it in warm water with soap every now and then.

Ready to get started? Try these serums and oils perfect for pairing with your Jade roller.


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