19 Easy Ways To Get Glowing Skin

how to get glowing skin

Most of us have mastered the art of a glowy makeup look. But it’d be so much better if we had that natural glow. After all, waking up glowing like an angel is less expensive and less time-consuming than layering a ton of makeup on your face. A lot of reasons can cause dullness and lack of radiance. But at the same time, a lot of things can be done to get glowing skin. If you don’t know where to start, below are easy ways you can do -mostly- at home to get glowing skin!

As much as “glowing” is relative, some things are a no-brainer. Taking care of your skin, eating consciously, or exercising are important.

But sometimes, we need quicker results. And luckily, skincare can be of great help! Keep reading to learn how to get glowing skin.

How To Get Glowing Skin

1. Step up your skincare game.

If you want that glowing skin, you need to know your skin type and your skin issues first. Simple as that! If you follow a certain skincare routine and if your skin isn’t glowing, chances are you’re missing something.

There’s a reason why skincare products are designed for specific skin types. Supercharge your skincare routine with products suitable for your skin type.

If your moisturizer isn’t moisturizing enough, it won’t help you glow. If your cleanser is too drying for the skin, your skin is going to look red and feel tight. Get your bathroom shelf in order with products made for your unique skin.

2. Use peel pads.

Use an exfoliating peel pad for an instant glow! Besides getting rid of dullness and flakiness, exfoliants brighten the skin instantly!

If you don’t like peel pads, you can also try exfoliating cleansers such as a glycolic acid cleanser or go for exfoliating toners, serums, or treatments to get glowing skin!

3. Get a vitamin C serum.

Nothing brightens the skin like a vitamin C serum does. It’ll fade hyperpigmentation, treat free radical damage, and boost collagen production. But more importantly, it’ll brighten your skin and make it luminous.

Some vitamin C serums, like Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, have a naturally dewy finish. So you not only get long-term benefits but also short-term benefits. For something more affordable, check out these drugstore vitamin C serums.

4. Exfoliate with natural loofahs.

Exfoliating with a natural loofah is both a cleanse and a massage. Use natural plant-based loofahs for a face scrub during the shower or after a steam bath.

Think about exfoliating your body after 10 minutes in a sauna. You literally see dead skin cells coming off your body as you rub it. The same thing happens when you exfoliate your face with a loofah.

But you need to be less aggressive in doing this to your face. You’ll see that your face looks more youthful, fresh, and soft. Don’t waste this skin and apply products that’ll enhance your appearance.

5. Use ice cubes.

Rubbing ice cubes on your face is a celebrity-approved way to get glowing skin. But it has another advantage for people who have oily skin. Applying ice cubes to your face makes your skin feel tighter and your pores look smaller.

6. Try binge masking.

Face masks and sheet masks are great for an instant glow. Start with a simple brightening mask. And then apply a hydrating or a plumping one afterward.

Make use of all that Sephora sample stash you keep hoarding. And start binge-masking. If you have time, do this in the morning. Because your makeup looks amazing after a face mask marathon.

7. Get more facials.

You don’t even have to go crazy with this. A classic 30-minute facial is guaranteed to give you clean, smooth, and glowing skin. Nobody left the spa with dull-looking skin. They ALWAYS work.

8. Protect your face.

The idea of getting some sun might seem like a quick way to get glowing. But usually, that’s not the case. Sun exposure dries up your face and makes it look dull and tired.

You’re better off protecting your face from the sun if you want your skin to look clear and healthy. Use SPF all day every day.

Plus, there are tinted sunscreens that have a radiant finish like a shimmery SPF. You can try them for both skincare and cosmetic benefits.

9. Massage your face.

Massaging your face with or without any product is a good way to increase circulation. It’s like stretching your face and waking it up.

It’s a great way to get rid of puffiness too. You can try Jade rolling or massaging with Gua Sha. Pair your favorite oil/serum with your Jade roller and let it glide!

10. Use brightening ingredients.

Go for skin care products that are brightening. It’s really refreshing to know that you can get glowing skin without makeup. There are facial oils and serums that are inherently brightening.

But there are certain ingredients, just like vitamin C, that have proven brightening benefits. You can try niacinamide, azelaic acid, arbutin, and hydroxy acids. You can use toners and serums formulated with these ingredients.

11. Try an illuminating moisturizer.

There are moisturizers that do double duty. Illuminating moisturizers keep your skin soft and hydrated. But with their glowy finish, they also work as an overall face highlighter. You can even prime your face with them to make your makeup look dewier.

12. Use a hyaluronic acid serum.

This is the fastest way to hydrate your skin. A hyaluronic acid serum spreads through the dehydrated cracks of the skin and simply brings life to your complexion.

Hydrated skin looks fresh, youthful, and radiant. You can add a hyaluronic acid serum into your routine and apply it before applying your moisturizer.

13. Get a dermaplaning tool.

Peach fuzz creates shadows and can prevent your face from glowing. Remove the facial hair with a dermaplaning tool and get a clear canvas to work with.

Additionally, getting rid of facial hair helps your products to penetrate more easily. And it also gives you a flawless makeup base.

14. Take advantage of makeup.

You can take advantage of makeup to get glowy skin. You can use lightweight dewy finish foundations. Or if you have matte foundations you want to make use of, try mixing them with liquid highlighters or oils.

To enhance your overall look, use a liquid highlighter over your cheekbones, or wherever you feel like it. And use cream bronzers and blushes.

15. Eat consciously.

Try to observe your skin’s reaction to certain diets you follow. Eat more veggies for a week and then see what happens. Or see what spicy food does to your skin. Consume food consciously so that there are no surprises. Eat more of what’s working.

16. Increase micro-circulation.

Circulation is what makes your skin look youthful and fresh. Exercise, stand upside down, or do face yoga. They all increase micro-circulation in the skin in one way or another. You get to wake up your face, decrease puffiness, and increase radiance.

17. Get your beauty sleep.

One of the most common things that ruin your glow game is an unhealthy sleep cycle. You’re probably already dealing with acne if you’re not sleeping well. Get your act together and get your 8 hours of beauty sleep!

18. Get rid of unhealthy habits.

Smoking and alcohol are the enemies of your skin. They’re extremely toxic and you know it. Quitting smoking and lowering your alcohol intake will improve your skin’s health dramatically.

19. Drink more water!

This one doesn’t need any explanation. For your skin to glow, you need to drink more water. Hydrating your body is as important as hydrating your face topically. So, increase your water intake for a healthy glow.

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