9 Skincare Makeup Hybrids That Offer The Best of Both Worlds

Best Skincare Makeup Hybrids

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After the ‘clean girl makeup’ trend, people have become obsessed with minimalist makeup where you can’t tell if the person is wearing makeup or if it’s just good skin care. Now, I’m usually very late for these types of trends. But once the dust has settled, I’ve seen that certain clean beauty brands are actually doing an amazing job at creating makeup products that have major skincare benefits. Enter hybrid cosmetics, also known as skincare makeup hybrids.

Skincare makeup hybrid products are a category of beauty products that offer the benefit of both worlds. An example is base makeup products that offer coverage and skincare. That way, you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing makeup as much as you want because you’ll be taking care of your skin at the same time!

So whether you’re trying to look natural when wearing makeup, or you’re having a good skin day and you don’t want to cover it up with heavy makeup, no worries. These skincare makeup hybrids combine the benefits of skincare with the aesthetics of cosmetics.

Best Skincare Makeup Hybrids

1. La Mer The Radiant Skin Tint SPF 30

La Mer The Radiant Skin Tint SPF 30 - Best Skincare Makeup Hybrid

Who knew you could look like you’re wearing makeup when wearing sunscreen? This is a skincare-infused sunscreen with makeup benefits. It’s basically a skin tint that gives light coverage with a beautiful dewy finish. It has SPF 30 for sun protection but it also packs amazing antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine, wrinkle-smoothing peptides, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and minerals. It’s literally one of the best products you can use for skincare and makeup to take your complexion from 0 to 100 immediately and in the long run!

Quick Tip: If you like this but could use more coverage, try Chanel CC Cream SPF 50. It has SPF 50 for higher sun protection and its coverage rivals foundations!

Skin Benefits: Gives sun protection, provides antioxidant benefits
Makeup Benefits: Evens skin tone, illuminates complexion
Key Ingredients: SPF, vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine
Size: 1.4 oz/40 ml

2. Kosas Revealer Super Creamy Brightening Concealer and Daytime Eye Cream

Kosas Revealer Super Creamy Brightening Concealer and Daytime Eye Cream - Best Skincare Makeup Hybrids

This is a combination of a good vitamin C eye cream with the additional benefits of concealer! It’s super creamy, much like a hydrating eye cream and it gives medium coverage to neutralize discolorations on the under-eye area. Plus, you can use this as a face concealer to spot conceal blemishes, and redness around the mouth. The concealer/eye cream plumps up dry skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and squalane, and minimizes discolorations with caffeine and vitamin C. Plus, the shade range is insanely wide!

Skin Benefits: Minimizes dark circles, softens under-eye wrinkles
Makeup Benefits: Gives coverage for the face and under-eyes
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, caffeine, hyaluronic acid
Size: .20 oz/6 ml
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

3. Rose Inc. Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum Foundation

Rose Inc. Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum Foundation

This is basically a skin-plumping serum that comes with sheer tint, and light coverage. It’s amazing if you have dull skin or mature skin with wrinkles. It has a radiant finish that instantly freshens up your look and the coverage is enough to give you an even skin tone with reduced discolorations. It boosts hydration with hyaluronic acid, and squalane, and cares for the skin with peptides. By the way, if you have general dullness that your moisturizer can’t seem to shake off, check out these illuminating moisturizers.

Quick Tip: If you can sacrifice a bit more on coverage but could use more glow, try Erborian CC Water Gel. It color-corrects the skin and it gives you an amazing glowy base that looks like good skincare!

Skin Benefits: Hydrates skin, plumps up lines, illuminates
Makeup Benefits: Gives coverage, evens skin tone
Key Ingredients: Squalane, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E
Size: 1 oz/30 ml
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

4. Chanel No1 De Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm

Chanel No1 De Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm

This multi-tasker is a cream blush, a moisturizing lip balm, and a cheek tint. Its balm texture gives you the true feel of that gliding, wet touch with a healthy, radiant finish. It’s satisfyingly pigmented to color up your cheeks but more importantly, it’s infused with moisturizing fatty acids, camelia oil, and antioxidant vitamin E. You can use it with or without foundation to create naturally rosy cheeks and a healthy, radiant complexion.

Skin Benefits: Moisturizes
Makeup Benefits: Cream blush doubles as a moisturizing lip tint
Key Ingredients: Camelia oil, vitamin E
Size: 0.23 oz

5. Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter

Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter - Best Skincare Makeup Hybrids

If you’re into a glowy base, this one offers the benefits of a highlighter, a skin luminizer, and an illuminating primer. It has a seamless finish that settles in and gives you a glow from within. It’s not shimmery! The best part is it’s infused with a gentle form of vitamin C to protect the skin from free radicals, help with uneven skin tone, and antioxidant-rich rosehip seed oil for the utmost moisture. You can use it to prime your face, to mix it with your foundation, or just as a skin perfector to get glowing skin without makeup. You can also use it for some focused highlighting on the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

Skin Benefits: Infuses skin with antioxidants
Makeup Benefits: Works as an illuminating primer and highlighter
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, glycerin, rose hip seed oil
Size: 1 oz/30 ml
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

6. Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40

Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40

If you have dry skin, dull skin, or just tired-looking skin overall, you will want to wear sunscreen! This is pricey! But this is a tinted mineral sunscreen that packs 10% vitamin C! It’s your daily antioxidant vitamin C serum accompanied by your daily sun protection for the ultimate guard against wrinkle-causing free radicals. Also, it contains 2% niacinamide to promote brighter skin. The tint comes in several shades and evens out your skin tone, cancels out minor discolorations, and leaves your skin absolutely glowing! But this isn’t for you if you have oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. But it is if you have thirsty skin that drinks up everything you layer on it.

Skin Benefits: Daily antioxidant and SPF serum, protects against free radicals
Makeup Benefits: Evens skin tone, brightens, gives glowing skin
Key Ingredients: SPF, vitamin C, niacinamide
Size: 1 oz/30 ml
Good To Know: Cruelty-free, vegan

7. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

If you’re looking for an alternative to base makeup with skincare benefits, this is the one to grab. This is a green-tinted primer, a foundation, and mineral sun protection. It’s infused with Centella Asiatica to calm irritation and redness. Because of the green tint, it neutralizes redness on the skin immediately! And it’s an amazing multi-tasker for people with rosacea like yours truly. Just like sunscreen, apply it as the last step of your skincare routine. It has a matte finish but if you want more of a dewy finish, apply a vitamin C serum underneath to achieve a more glowy finish.

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Skin Benefits: Gives sun protection, soothes irritation
Makeup Benefits: Provides coverage like foundation
Key Ingredients: SPF, Centella Asiatica, niacinamide
Size: 1.7 oz/50 ml

8. Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Brightening Light Coverage Concealer

Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Brightening Light Coverage Concealer

This is an under-eye concealer with a very light consistency, which means it won’t give you very high coverage. It’s more like an under-eye brightener but with added under-eye care benefits. It’s super helpful for no makeup makeup days when you just want to freshen up a bit but can’t be bothered with flaky under eyes or creasing that comes with high-coverage concealers. It’s infused with vitamin C and caffeine. And to boost hydration, the concealer has hyaluronic acid and squalane. It applies and blends very easily, making your under-eye makeup look super natural, smooth, and radiant.

Skin Benefits: Infuses under eyes with antioxidants, helps with dark circles
Makeup Benefits: Provides light coverage
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, caffeine, squalane
Size: 0.2 oz/6 ml
Good To Know: Vegan, cruelty-free

9. Colorescience Lip Shine SPF 35 Lip Gloss

Colorescience Lip Shine SPF 35 Lip Gloss - Best Skincare Makeup Hybrids

Our lips are usually the last when it comes to skincare. But this lip gloss leaves no excuse for not wearing sunscreen. It comes with mineral SPF 35, which is pretty above average for a lip product, to care for dry, dehydrated lips. And the gloss aspect is absolutely what you expect from a regular lip gloss, and nothing less! There are shades you can try for different makeup looks, including a clear one. Plus, it contains antioxidant vitamin E as well as peptides for some anti-aging lip benefits.

Skin Benefits: Protects lips from sun, hydrates, offers antioxidant benefits
Makeup Benefits: Tints for glossy lips
Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, peptides, hyaluronic acid
Size: 0.13 oz/4 ml

So these are some of the best skincare makeup hybrids. It’s actually a relief to know that your makeup, which stays on your skin all day and contains copious amounts of ingredients, can be beneficial for your skin. That way, you can look good and feel good.


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