Revamp Your Makeup Game With These Hypnotizing Burgundy Eyeliners

Best Burgundy Eyeliners

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Most people tap into burgundy makeup in the fall because the dramatic look goes well with the season. I say bring it out in the summer when everyone else has gone soft. At this point, we use black eyeliners and brown eyeliners simply to define the eyes and not necessarily to color them up. Burgundy eyeliners, on the other hand, bring definition and statement together. And for all eye colors! Burgundy brings drama to brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes!

With a color like burgundy as an eyeliner, you absolutely don’t need to do anything else with your makeup. It’s dramatic, exciting, and conspicuous, and a fun change of color to jazz things up too.

We’ll be navigating burgundy eyeliners and bringing in different shades like maroon, berries, maybe some cherries, deep purple, and even deep red to help you find the right one.

For that, find below some of the best burgundy eyeliners.

1. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Prune Intense

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Prune Intense - Best Burgundy Eyeliners

While eyeliner is bolder and can make a whole statement on its own, tightlining is more subtle and faint. And this eyeliner pencil offers both! It has such a fine tip that you can use it on the waterline and on the eyelid for precise application. It’s waterproof and because of the gel texture, it applies smoothly. The retractable pencil also comes with a sharpener.

2. Loreal Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner in Burgundy

Loreal Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner in Burgundy - Best Burgundy Eyeliner Liquid

Burgundy lovers should already be familiar with this one. This is your regular, super affordable liquid eyeliner in a very elegant burgundy color. It has a very thin brush for trying different eyeliner wings for different eye shapes. Whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes, the smooth matte finish brings out your eye color and complements it. For the true eyeliner experience with wings and everything, this is the best burgundy liquid eyeliner you can find at the drugstore.

3. Shiseido MicroLiner Ink in Burgundy

Shiseido MicroLiner Ink in Burgundy

I absolutely love this eyeliner for my hooded eyes and I’m so happy that they’re bringing in more colors. This recent addition is as gorgeous as the rest. The water-resistant eyeliner has such a precise tip that it gives you the application of a felt tip without the possible bleeding. This baby is sharp! So you have a lot of room before you overdo it or mess it up. The color is on the bright side and comes out a little bit reddish.

For something more versatile, you can also try Shiseido’s Kajal Ink Artist Shadow, Liner, Brow in Azuki Red. It’s a super pigmented bright burgundy you can use to color up your eyes, eyelids, brows, and lips. The eyeliner is waterproof and has a brush to smoke things out too.

4. Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil in Free Burgundy

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil in Free Burgundy - Best Burgundy Eyeliner Pencil

Another overachiever is this beginner-friendly pencil that goes on to brows, eyes, and lips. The shade is a bright burgundy for more cheerful looks as opposed to dramatic ones. The pencil allows for straight lines over the lids for definition. But the soft texture can easily be diffused with a brush to feather things out to bring the color all over the eyelids. The color looks great both on the eyes and on the lips.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Mesmerizing Maroon

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Color Magic Liner Duo in Mesmerizing Maroon - Best Burgundy Eyeliner Pencil

This dual-sided pen can help you tone things down and dial things up. It has a beautiful maroon on one end and metallic copper on the other end. The duo offers an easy way to put together a whole eye makeup look when you want to bring some shimmer into the mix.

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Alkaline

Urban Decay 247 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Alkaline

If you’ve ever enjoyed a little too much wine, then you know the stain the wine leaves on the lips. This matte eyeliner is that color! The creamy feel of the pencil makes it super easy to define the eyes. The waterproof eyeliner looks great on the lower lash line as well.

7. Colourpop Joy Ride Liner

Colourpop Joy Ride Liner - Best Burgundy Gel Eyeliner

This is a deep burgundy eyeliner for those of you who don’t want to extend the color range too much. I’m disappointed that they removed this shade from their cream eyeliners. But still, it’s a comfortable burgundy wrapped up in a pencil. And unlike their pot formula, you can use this in the waterline all thanks to its fine tip. Plus, it’s super budget-friendly.

8. Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 65

Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 65 - Best Burgundy Gel Eyeliner

If you want to experiment with different types of eyeliners and are not a fan of liquids or pencils, this burgundy gel liner pot is the one to dip your favorite brush in. This is a rich burgundy with a truly pigmented formula that’s perfect for full glam looks. The cream/gel texture goes on smoothly and helps create sophisticated looks. The shade is simply exquisite. And if you can afford to get bolder, you can also try #79 for an elegant red.

9. Estee Lauder Double Wear 24H Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil in Antique Burgundy

Estee Lauder Double Wear 24H Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil in Antique Burgundy

This is a red burgundy eyeliner you can use for any eye color. The red is a little bit on the bright side so it’s perfect for enhancing brown eyes on lighter skin tones. It’s also great for subtly defining brown eyes without bringing in too much color. The dual-sided pencil has a smudging brush on the other end, which you can use to create slightly smoky eyes Victoria Beckham style.

10. MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner in Prunella

MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner in Prunella

This eye pencil has the most elegant shade of plum and it’s incredibly underrated. It has a subtle shimmer to it that looks super sexy and gives it a pearly finish. Use it for tightlining, or definition, or smudge it out to a beautiful maroon over the lids.

So these are some of the best burgundy eyeliners on the market. Even though burgundy is famous for being the best color for green eyes, different hues of it look amazing on any eye color. So don’t shy away from giving it a shot. And don’t wait for the fall to try it out!

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