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Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 Review

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Having to deal with facial redness on a daily basis, I’ve tried numerous products that promise to neutralize and even out my skin tone. Some lived up to the hype and others were disappointing. One certain product that stood the test of time was Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30. I have been using this baby for years! And it’s something I regularly talk about, especially when writing about rosacea.

I’ve been a fan of this K-beauty gem since day 1. And I feel like it was high time I wrote a full review on it in case you’re still on the fence and not sure what the hype is about. So if you’ve stumbled upon here after seeing the product on TikTok, or you’re simply curious about why people talk about this product whenever they talk about color correcting or facial redness, I’ve got you. Here’s the gist.

Review: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30


Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment
Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 / Ejollify


Neutralizes redness instantly
Replaces foundation
Mineral SPF
Suitable for sensitive skin
Major multi-tasker
Doesn’t feel heavy
Little goes a long way


Not easy to blend
May not work for darker skin


Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 is one of my favorite multi-taskers. I use it as a color corrector, a mattifying primer, a base makeup alternative, and a sunscreen. It works for all skin types but is especially great for people with oily skin and sensitive skin. It’s 100% worth the hype and once you’ve mastered the blending, you’ll be hooked!

Read on for my full review of Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

Product Type | Color-Corrector with SPF
Key Ingredients | Centella Asiatica, niacinamide
Key Benefits | Neutralizes redness, gives coverage, protects
Skin Type | All skin types
Finish | Natural/matte
Container | Jar
Size | 1.7 oz/50 ml
Price | $52


Made with Centella Asiatica to soothe.

Dr. Jart+ Color Correcting Treatment is named after its hero ingredient cica. It’s also known as Centella Asiatica, Gotu Kola, or Tiger Grass. This plant-derived ingredient possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. For that reason, it’s commonly found in skin-soothing products.

Because of my rosacea, which gives me sensitivity and facial redness, I use several types of skin care products that contain Centella Asiatica. It literally calms the skin and reduces redness. So this is a winner for me and for anyone dealing with redness and red patches of any sort.

Another notable ingredient is niacinamide, which is equally nourishing and soothing for the skin. And lastly, the treatment packs mineral SPF 30. For people with sensitive skin who can’t tolerate chemical sunscreens, this is gold! Overall, the product is formulated around soothing ingredients topped with sun protection to maintain healthy skin.


Thick, slow-blending cream.

This is a bit thicker than a regular thick moisturizing cream. It’s not super creamy but not heavy like a balm either. When you blend it into the skin, it doesn’t thin out easily. So it requires a bit of rubbing on your part to spread it evenly to achieve an even base. But after blending, it feels light on the skin.



Dr. Jart’s CC Treatment is called a color-correcting treatment because of its green tint. However, the green starts turning beige and adapting to your skin tone as you blend it into the skin. Your complexion looks neutral in the end. And it looks like you’re wearing a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream.



Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment has a natural, matte finish. It’s not as matte as a mattifying product but if you have oily skin, it looks like you don’t. When I use this in summer weather, it sweat-proofs my complexion and gives me natural-looking skin.

One thing to remember here is that there’s mineral sunscreen in here. And in case you’re not familiar, mineral sunscreens are notorious for leaving a white cast on the skin. And when I first apply this on my skin, I can definitely see an underlying hue as if I’ve just applied the wrong shade of foundation.

But it goes away after it settles down. The underlying whiteness can be difficult to work on darker skin tones. In that sense, I feel like this is more suitable for people with lighter, fair skin tones.



You might be wondering why I’d want to mention the coverage of a color-correcting treatment as normally, you wouldn’t expect that from this type of product. However, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a multi-tasker. This gives you coverage. And if you blend it right, you can actually build from low to medium. It completely neutralizes redness. I use it to cancel out the redness on my cheeks, around my nose, and any red patches I have from acne.


Faintly herbal.

The product seems to be fragrance-free. However, there’s a very faint, herbal scent to it. I only notice it when I first apply it and it goes away very quickly. So if you don’t like fragrances or scents, you’ve got nothing to worry about.



I can definitely say that Dr. Jart+ Color Correcting Treatment is pretty long-lasting. The coverage stays there for a good portion of the day. However, it can smudge and move a bit on a busy day or when I touch my face too frequently, or if I apply certain makeup products on top of it such as cream blush or bronzer.

You kind of have to apply it and leave it if you want it to stay put. So if you’re considering this as base makeup, you’ll love its longevity. But if you’re interested in it only for its sun protection, note that you need to reapply your sunscreen every two hours.

And that can get tricky. When I try to apply a whole second layer on top of it, the underlying white cast becomes more visible on my skin. My coverage improves and my skin looks better. But that reapplication becomes difficult to blend.


This is an amazing skincare/makeup hybrid. And as a multi-purpose product, there is more than one way to use this. I’ve been experimenting with it for years. And here are different uses for Dr. Jart+ CC Treatment you can try too.

Color Corrector

Obviously, this is a color corrector. And because it’s green, it neutralizes redness amazingly well. If you’re someone dealing with rosacea or facial redness, you can use it to cancel that out immediately.


I sometimes use this as a makeup primer. It cancels out my redness. That way, when I apply my foundation on top of it, I get better coverage. Also, because it has a matte finish, I also use it as a mattifying primer, especially in summer. It prevents my skin from getting oily so that my foundation stays in place.


As the green tint turns beige and adapts to your skin tone, you get quite a bit of coverage. On days when I don’t like wearing foundation, I use it as a foundation alternative for my base makeup. And I use it around my eyes just like a concealer too! And sometimes, I pair it with Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer to get an even-looking base.

Spot Concealer

If it’s my good skin day, I can’t stand the idea of putting makeup on my skin. But of course, there’s always something that could use a bit of covering up. On those days, I use this to spot-conceal my blemishes. I take a tiny amount and put it on where I want to cover up. I dab it into my skin only on areas that need concealing and trust me, nobody can tell!

Sun Protection

SPF 30 is great for everyday sun protection. Even if you don’t wear makeup or have redness, this is a great mineral sunscreen made with zinc and titanium. And it’s infused with amazing botanicals. It effectively protects your skin and prevents skin damage from free radicals. I have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. And because this is gentle and mineral, I can use it all over my face including the eye area and it doesn’t irritate!


Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 comes in a jar in 1.7oz/50 ml, a mini size 0.5oz/15 ml, and in some countries, in 1.1oz/30 ml. I tried all! And for a product that replaces your sunscreen and foundation at the very least, I think it’s worth every penny. A little amount goes a long way so you won’t run out quickly. So if you’re still on the fence, try the mini size to test it out. In case you’re wondering what others say, the product is currently rated 4/5 on Sephora and 4.3/5 on Dr. Jart.


Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 Review
Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Glass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 Before/After

As you can see from my before/after picture above, I applied the Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Glass CC Treatment on the right side only. That side of my face is visibly neutral, matte, and even. I currently have two red pimples on the area where I applied the product and they are completely invisible. The redness on my cheek is also gone. Plus, I don’t think I look like I’m wearing heavy-coverage foundation. In sum, Dr. Jart’s Color Correcting Treatment works. And I’ll keep repurchasing it.


Listen here because application is key in making the most of this product. And after using it for several years, day and night, hot and cold, rain and shine, I discovered the best way to apply it to get the most natural-looking base. Here’s how to properly apply Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Glass CC Treatment.

  • Moisturize first. Remember that this is a thick cream with a matte finish. Don’t apply it to your skin after cleansing. It can look flaky, especially if you have dry skin. Hydrate and moisturize your skin first. And don’t be stingy. Moisturized skin makes it easier to blend the product in.
  • Wait. If you go in and apply this right after you apply your moisturizer, the product’s just going to move around and won’t settle. Wait for your moisturizer to absorb first.
  • Apply in dots. Scoop out a generous amount of the product and apply a few dots all over your face. Start from one area, such as your right cheek, and blend that area first before moving on to other areas.
  • Wait again. Once you have an even layer of the product, wait for it to settle down and fully adapt to your skin tone. Just like regular sunscreen, it needs about 10 minutes to set. That’s also when you see that the redness disappears and your coverage looks even better.

Bonus Tips

I’ve discovered a few ways that helped me make better use of the product. Here they are in case you want to try them.

  1. If you don’t like the matte finish, you can absolutely make this one more radiant and dewy. I use a brightening vitamin C serum on clean dry skin. Then I apply a moisturizer with a dewy/glowy finish on top of it. When I prep my skin with these types of products, the CC treatment looks more natural and dewy.
  2. If you’re using this instead of your foundation, set it to make it longer-lasting. I use a loose setting powder on top of it. That way, my makeup looks natural but the base doesn’t move around much during the day.
  3. Because of its coverage and neutralizing effects, I feel like my regular blush that I pair with my regular foundation doesn’t pair well with this one. I can’t speak for all skin tones, of course. But I’ve decided, along with my close friends who also use this product, that purple-colored blushes match better with CC Treatment.


For me, this is an all-time favorite and it’s unrivaled. This is a pretty unique product, but that is not always a good thing, especially if you want your products to be vegan and cruelty-free. Dr. Jart has no disclaimer on its website about whether the product is cruelty-free or vegan. If you want to see some vegan alternatives, believe me, I looked but had no luck! So if you’re curious about similar products, below are two alternatives you can consider with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Erborian CC Red Correct ($45)

Concerning the green tint, this is the next best thing. Erborian is also a K-beauty brand and they have amazing primers, CC creams, and BB creams.

Similar to Dr. Jart’s CC Treatment, the green tint turns beige as you rub it into your skin. It instantly eliminates redness and gives you medium coverage. It also contains Centella Asiatica and provides coverage. And it contains SPF 25 for daily sun protection. You can also wear this as your makeup too.

Unlike Dr. Jart’s CC Treatment, this has a bit of a radiant finish and can be an alternative for those of you who are looking for a dewy finish. Additionally, sunscreen in the formula is hybrid, meaning that it’s both chemical and physical. According to their website, they’re cruelty-free.

Clarins SOS Primer in Green ($40)

Another tinted, redness-reducing formula is by Clarins. Their focus is on natural ingredients and their primers are simply gorgeous.

Similar to Dr. Jart’s CC Treatment, the green tint disappears into the skin as you blend it in. It cancels out minor redness and neutralizes your skin tone. The oil-free formula is great for people with acne-prone skin.

Unlike Dr. Jart’s CC Treatment, this is a primer. So you won’t get any proper coverage out of it. While you can wear it alone, you can’t really use it instead of foundation. And also, this does not contain sunscreen in it. According to their website, they’re not cruelty-free.

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