15 Essential Grooming and Hygiene Tips For Women in Their 20s

Grooming and Hygiene For Women in Their 20s

Here’s a quick tip to make an impressive entrance. Enter the room by perfectly aligning yourself at the center of the door frame. You’re less likely to impress when you enter leaning towards one side. That’s true. The tiniest things give away so much about how you perceive yourself. It also gives away how you want to be perceived. Some things are subtle like this. But others, not so much. You can’t get away with $90 perfectly red lips if you make people uncomfortable when you open your mouth. That’s why grooming and personal hygiene are super important for women in their 20s.

The way you walk, talk, smell, and look all comes down to the way you take care of your hygiene. This is not about pointing out stuff that makes people self-conscious about their bodies.

Personal hygiene and grooming are incredibly important in building self-confidence in your 20s. But also, paying attention to them prevents you from getting in your own way.

Because you won’t be able to laugh out loud comfortably if you know you need urgent dental care. You won’t be able to move your body freely if you know you haven’t been showering.

You’ll be constantly pulling your skirt down on your date night because you didn’t shave properly! For that reason, here’s a checklist for women in their 20s to handle feminine hygiene and self-grooming.

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s

Shower Regularly

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - Shower regularly

There’s no excuse for not taking a shower daily. The smell of the kitchen, cigarettes, and of course, sweat, sink into your body. Even if you’re not getting it, people are! Shower before bed or early in the morning and make it a habit. It’s also a great way to freshen up mentally.

Maintain Fresh Breath

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s -maintain fresh breath

Not everyone’s blessed with a whole set of perfectly white teeth. And nobody has to. But if you want to be able to keep a conversation longer than 60 seconds, you need to be aware of your breath. White teeth don’t compensate for good breath. Focus on getting rid of the bad teeth before you start splurging on at-home whitening kits.

Keep a Smooth Pout

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - keep a smooth pout

Let’s just be real for a second. Yes, your body, your hair. But if your mustache is as dark as your eyeliner, it’s time to get rid of it. Go ahead and shave if you’re blessed with super slow facial hair growth. But if you’re not, try lasering them off. Threading will be painful, and waxing is likely to hurt your skin’s elasticity. Even though there’s no way to permanently get rid of them, lasering is the least painful and lasts the longest.

Address Body Hair

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - address body hair

Women in their 20s are usually lazy with personal hygiene and grooming. But bodily hair prevents you from putting on whatever outfit you want to put on. And there’s another side to it. The private area and the armpits are, by nature, moist. So, there’s a smell that comes with it too. So it’s important to keep a hair-free body.

No Razors

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - no razors

Shaving is not the way to go for hair removal. It takes about 3 days before you start itching everywhere and stabbing yourself with prickly hair. That’s why laser hair removal is the best investment you can make for your current and future self. Lasers remove the hair on the legs and the armpits almost permanently. And it significantly thins the hair in the private area. Plus, you don’t have to deal with ingrown hair and bumpy skin.

Get a Decent Epilator

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - get a decent epilator

We have hair growing on our bodies in weird places. Knuckle hair, nipple hair, breast hair, toe hair, chin hair, belly button hair… And they cause embarrassment in the most unexpected times. The problem is they’re tiny and waxing and lasering don’t work on those. But a good epilator does. Get one and pluck those bad boys every 4 weeks.

Change Underwear Frequently

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - Change underwear frequently

Listen up, because this is the most important personal hygiene tip for young women in their 20s. The underwear you wear in the morning can’t be the one you go to bed in. Change your underwear at least 2 times a day! I don’t want to get too gross but we all know what kind of a s*** storm happens down there every now and then. As a young woman in her 20s, taking care of your feminine hygiene will make sure you’re prepared for unexpected circumstances.

Beware of Your Feet

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s - beware of your feet

Smelly feet, sadly, are not exclusive to men. It’s common among women too. And even though there is genetics involved, there are things you can do about it. Besides showering daily, try not to wear the same shoes 2 days in a row. Let them air for a day or 2. If you end up wearing the same shoes too often, try spraying dry shampoo into the shoes after you take them off. It’ll soak up the sweat.

No Soap Down There

Personal Hygiene For Women in Their 20s -feminine hygiene

Your lady parts, your hoo-ha, or your bajingo has its own thing going on. With its own pH and its own microbiome, it’s a whole diva itself. So you can’t mess with its setup. Don’t use any soaps, shower gels, or other cleansers to keep the area clean. Wash with water because you don’t need anything else.

Grooming For Women in Their 20s

Skin First, Makeup Second

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - skin first makeup second

You might be the prettiest in the bunch with your makeup and your perfectly winged eyeliner. But bad skin has a way of peaking even through the best foundation. Instead of focusing on your makeup, focus more on your skincare routine in your 20s. We all have acne, blackheads, and pores; that’s not the issue. But not cleansing properly is unacceptable. Your skin is going to get congested and you won’t be able to cover anything up.

Less is More

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - less is more

Your makeup shouldn’t shadow your natural beauty. It shouldn’t cover it up. Full-coverage makeup is hard to maintain throughout the day. And it can make you look older. Try to keep things simple with a light base. And try to make one area pop, like your eyes or your lips.

Keep Your Hair Oil-Free

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - keep your hair oil-free

Never let your hair get oily. It’s an important part of maintaining personal hygiene in your 20s. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to washing. Some people get an oily scalp if they wash too often. But more often, an oily scalp just means you’re not washing your hair frequently enough. Let me put it this way; if you have to choose between makeup and hair washing on a busy morning, wash the hair and leave the house with no makeup on.

Remember Nail Care

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - remember nail care

You don’t have to isolate your nail care into a once-a-month mani-pedi. Keeping your hands clean will ensure dirt-free nails. That’s the bare minimum you should cover. Make sure your nails are well-trimmed and your hands are moisturized. Nail polish is not essential. But if you enjoy coloring up your nails, make sure your nail polish isn’t chipped.

Keep Your Clothes Clean

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - keep your clothes clean

Clothing, styling, accessorizing… These are too subjective to categorize. You don’t need expensive or fancy clothing. You need clean and ironed clothing. Whether you’re leaving for work or school or just running errands, a fresh and spotless pair of clothing is essential.

Deodorant Over Fragrance

Grooming For Women in Their 20s - deodorant over fragrance

A fragrance is not essential in your 20s, a deodorant is. You may choose to get a signature scent that suits your skin, but it won’t cover up the smell of sweat. You don’t need to pay a ton for fragrances. But never leave the house without putting on your deodorant.

So there you have it; essential grooming and personal hygiene tips for women in their 20s. There’s nothing more freeing than leaving the house knowing that your body is prepared for anything that day. You’ll be ready for a last-minute plan to go dancing. You’ll even be comfortable with stepping inside a house where the owner has a no-shoes policy. That’s why you need to give your utmost attention to managing your personal hygiene in your 20s.

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