30 Tips On How To Be More Feminine

How To Be More Feminine

It’s difficult to keep up that flirtatious, playful, and sexy attitude while constantly getting blasted in the face with stuff life keeps throwing in your way. You literally forget to be a woman when you’re always in a rush to meet the expectations of the people in your life. When trying to prove that men are not at all superior to us, we lose so much of what’s precious in femininity. And times like this require some reminders on how to be more feminine through embracing and loving our femininity.

As a person who pays for her own dinner, doesn’t rely on men for rides, and always ruins foreplay, I don’t know the first thing about being “girly” or “feminine”. But a remark on my “bossiness” by the first person I fell in love with made me extremely self-conscious about my attitude.

And it made me realize that growing up in an incredibly male-dominated environment made me act more like my brothers because I wanted to be taken seriously. At the same time, it made me realize that giving up your own femininity is a huge sacrifice!

That’s why faking it until I made it worked out great for me. I’m proud of who I am. At the same time, I’d like to enjoy my feminine side whenever I feel like it. If that’s you, keep reading.

Being more feminine and attractive has nothing to do with showing more skin. But it has everything to do with your mindset and attitude. Femininity is a mindset. You need constant practice until you fully internalize it.

When you do that, you bring your mindset in alignment with your attitude. And when that happens, your femininity shines through the way you talk and walk.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be feminine to be more attractive to some guy or if you just want to feel more classy and elegant. It’s the same path. To help you touch base, we’ll cover everything on how to dress, talk, act, and become more feminine.

How To Be More Feminine

  1. Worship your own body. This is where it all starts. Regardless of your waist size or your cup size, embrace and love every single inch of your body.
  2. Walk around naked. Seeing is believing. By walking around naked/half-naked in your own home, you visually affirm the femininity of your own body.
  3. Work on your posture. The way you walk should ooze confidence. Stand up straight and own your body. Don’t hunch and make your body seem like a pile of borrowed body parts.
  4. Be flexible. You don’t have to exercise to be more feminine. But yoga wouldn’t hurt. It gives you the ultimate control over your body.
  5. Adopt a more feminine body language. Sit your legs crossed. Take small bites when dining. Eat slowly.
  6. Walk slowly. Don’t rush or walk in a hurry. Take small steps and let people take it all in when you pass by.
  7. Talk softly. Talking slowly and softly in a higher voice signals femininity. Never cuss.
  8. Be mindful. Be present and be aware of your surroundings. This also means less time checking your phone.
  9. Don’t forget hygiene. Make sure you’re always clean. Your hair, your teeth, your nails, your body…
  10. Color up your nails. Red is the most flattering color for nails and can make your hands look girly even if you bite them.
  11. Wear perfume. Keep one with you at all times and spray it on your clothes, your neck, and your hair to make the hair flip even sexier. Pick something fresh and floral.
  12. Spend more on underwear. Stop buying pajamas and get yourself some lace underwear. Wear them even when you’re alone at home. It’ll also reflect on your attitude when you’re out and about.
  13. Go for V-necks. Round necks are for men to cover their chest hair. V-necks accentuate your neck and chest, making you look more feminine.
  14. Wear clothes that flatter your body. Let your clothes highlight your curves, including your belly! Don’t hide it. It’s real, it’s human, and it’s sexy!
  15. Wear more skirts. Pencil skirts flatter your back and your chest. Plus, they’re inherently feminine as they limit the way you walk. You can’t look masculine even if you tried.
  16. Wear dresses more often. Short dresses or long dresses, you can’t go wrong with this. They flatter the female body. Even if you pair them with flats, they’re still feminine.
  17. Wear more off-the-shoulder tops. There’s something sexy about the collarbone that instantly makes you more feminine and girly.
  18. Free the nipple every once in a while.
  19. Wear heels. But not platforms. Pointy heels are a great way to remind yourself and everyone else that you’re in the building. They work as a stage to showcase your body as well as your outfit.
  20. Try pantyhose. They’re amazingly feminine. Wear one under a black dress.
  21. Accessorize. Wear more feminine jewelry in gold/silver. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are as feminine as it gets and they also complement your outfit.
  22. Let your hair down more often. Long, wavy, and voluminous hair looks full and feminine. Hair straightening or excessive curling with hair tools can look unnatural.
  23. If you have short hair, don’t push it by using an excessive number of hair products.
  24. Ease up on the foundation. Full coverage foundations that give you a cakey base are not sexy. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer with sheer coverage. Don’t cover freckles or minor impurities, embrace them!
  25. Focus on the eyes and the lips. Voluminous lashes with bold lips are all you need for feminine makeup.
  26. Stay away from false lashes. In what universe is a thick white lash band with glue showing all over the eyes sexy?
  27. Show teeth when smiling. Bold lips, white teeth, and a big smile are the cherry on top. Own your smile and let your feminity shine through your cheerful laughter.
  28. Be more flirty. Remember the hair toss, the playful laughter, the flirty wink, and embrace that childlike shyness and playfulness.
  29. Don’t be the giver. Try to be the receiver in a relationship. Be the one that gets texts, calls, and gifts. Don’t be the one that obsesses.
  30. Cultivate self-care. There’s nothing more feminine than working on yourself both internally and externally. Master the art of skincare and take long and relaxing baths.
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