30 Hobbies For Women in Their 30s

hobbies for women in their 30s

We get more isolated and alone in our 30s. Well, sometimes it’s exactly what we want. But because of work and/or family, we forget to focus on our own growth. Socializing becomes harder. There’s almost no room for movement in the comfort zone at this point. That’s why hobbies are essential for women in their 30s!

You need to jazz it up a bit. You need something just for yourself. It can help you relax and cool off. It can help you mentally grow. You can even turn it into a side hustle and make some money!

This stuff comes easy for some people. Personally, I feel the need to be mentally stimulated continuously, which leads me to try new things. Always! Well, I later learned that it was because I have ADHD but still.

I used to complain about trying a new thing, fixating on it, and then getting bored of it and leaving it for something new.

But now that I’m in my late 30s, I’ve realized it’s more difficult to get started than commit to it. So by showing you what’s out there, I hope to convince you to take the first step into taking up your new hobby.

Whether you want to gain new skills, have some fun, need an excuse to meet guys, or just create a new income stream, below is a range of hobbies for women in their 30s to try!

30 Hobbies For Women in Their 30s

1. Shooting

As dangerous as it is inside your house, shooting is extremely cathartic in a shooting range. You don’t have to gear up or anything for this activity! You just show up. Shooting is an empowering hobby.

The amount of adrenaline released in your body will make you feel like the queen of the world. It’s addictive to feel that invincible, I must say.

Aside from blowing off a good amount of steam, you practice mental and physical discipline. You learn the art of staying calm. Try to not blink 30 times a second holding a gun in your trembling hand trying to aim!

It’ll take time and practice but you’ll be taking control of your brain and body. Self-confidence and stress relief are the juicy perks.

2. Dancing

As we grow up, we tend to lose touch with the child in us. We’re indirectly taught to do so. Your 30s are when you realize how crucial that inner child is for your sanity.

A child loves making a complete ass of herself. That’s what you’re going to be doing. What better way to do it than dancing? It’s the perfect setting for your inner child to show up again.

Surrounded by clueless people like you, go nuts and have fun. Laugh at your lack of grace, your stiffness, and your uncoordinated limbs. Together with everybody! Just like when you were a kid and had nobody around to judge you.

Dancing also reinforces mental and physical flexibility. It’s also a great hobby for women who want to feel sexy and confident by getting in shape with fun exercises.

Pick your favorite from a variety of options like tango, ballroom, salsa, and even pole dancing. Needless to say, it’s a great way to get in shape.

3. Horse Riding

Not to ruin it for you or anything, but horse riding’s going to burn your thighs 100 times more than a squat challenge does!

And you’re going to love it. Try using the stairs with high heels the day after your first ride! You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Your challenge with horse riding is that you’re going to build a trusting relationship with the horse. Assuming you’re going to be riding the same one in your rides, you’re going to want to be able to trust it.

Yeah, you’re going to suck up to a horse! You’ll have to create a connection and don’t think that the horse is going to be the one to initiate the process! You’ll show emotions, you’ll be vulnerable, and you’ll be attentive and caring.

If that’s you, then great! If not, this is your chance to try and build something. The satisfaction of making a connection of trust will make your efforts worthwhile.

On a side note, taking up horse riding as a hobby can be expensive. There’s the perk of getting to wear that cute gear but keep your budget in mind.

4. Traveling

hobbies for women in their 30s - traveling

I know. Duh, right? But there’s something about traveling that we usually overlook. It’s how traveling makes you get off the co-pilot and start taking control. 90% of the activities we do on a daily basis require only 10% of our attention. And you need to change that!

You can’t walk around the streets of Amsterdam with half your brain shut off! You’ll get hit! Seriously. There are bicycles coming from everywhere! You’re going to have to be alert at all times. That’s how traveling wakes your brain up.

You can’t get away with your co-pilot in an unfamiliar environment. You’re forced to use all your senses instinctively. When traveling, there’s no time to think about the stuff that’s bothering you. That’s why it’s the perfect hobby!

The joy of a new experience, the new people you connect with, the feeling that reminds you that everything’s going to be fine… That’s what you need in your 30s! Not an effing book club with people you already know.

5. Playing an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument is constructive in so many ways. It’s a new stimulation for your brain. It’s not momentary, it’s a continuous stimulation. You’re challenging yourself mentally and physically every single time you practice.

As we age, our brain tends to shrink due to the lack of new neural connections. That’s why you need to keep creating new ones. Playing an instrument is a great way to do it.

During the learning process, we create new connections that all add up to our cognitive well-being. We’re visually, aurally, and physically stimulated. We strengthen our memory and practice creativity.

Because of the focus playing an instrument requires in many ways, you’ll be a great multi-tasker. Learning an instrument is exactly like learning a new language, by the way. Music is a language itself after all.

I once took up piano. I literally had zero knowledge or education about it. I just bought a piano and brought it home. All I wanted to do was to be able to play those soundtracks from the movie Amelie.

I learned to play by watching videos on YouTube. In the end, I got what I needed. Then I got bored of it but still, the point is it doesn’t have to be a whole thing. Just get started.

6. Learning a New Language

Much like learning to play a new instrument, the benefits of learning a new language are innumerable. It’s the best brain exercise! Learning a new language is also great for meeting new people.

The number of friends we have in our 30s is much smaller than the number of friends we have in our 20s. So, this should help. By learning a new language, you’ll push yourself to:

a) socialize with the people in your class
b) find a new group of friends from the country of the language
c) try to learn more about the culture of that country by traveling there.

After I came back from my trip to Italy, I registered for the Italian Cultural Center in my country. I started learning Italian and had access to their parties, which were so fun!

I added so many Italian friends into my circle, found an Italian guy, dated him for a while, and got a taste of their cuisine. Forget Duolingo, go to actual classes!

7. Baking

Even though not all of us know how to bake, we all love bakery. It’s the perfect comfort food. Learning how to bake according to your preferences will make you enjoy your food even more.

Baking is therapeutic. It requires focus and attention. That’s why it’s the perfect hobby for stress relief. Plus, you get to be that person who always has something fun to offer to guests.

8. Gardening

This is not as much gardening as it is growing your own food. Gardening sounds more demanding at first as not all of us have access to, well, a garden.

I’m talking about growing basic vegetables in a pot. Start with a very simple, easy-to-grow vegetable. Pick your favorite and you’re good to go.

Buy some seeds and watch them turn into something edible. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to eat something that you grow, not to mention, a great hobby to pick up.

Additionally, plants are incredibly expensive if you’re into decorating! But this small-scale gardening will help you keep some greenery around the house.

9. Painting and Drawing

Most people think that drawing and painting are talents that you either have or just don’t. It’s actually a skill that can easily be learned and mastered. Check out the video to get started in minutes!

Painting as a hobby is a great tool for emotional growth as it’s basically a way to express yourself. It promotes creativity. If you decide to go beyond Youtube lessons, painting, and drawing are great ways to meet new people and socialize.

It’s also a productive hobby which means you get to produce something at the end and actually have something that you create by yourself.

10. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga sounds as tempting to women in their 30s as it sounds boring to women in their 20s. Because our interests change. We tend to look for peace, and mental and emotional strength as we grow.

Yoga & meditation is the perfect hobby for women in their 30s. At this point, we usually complain about things being either too predictable and boring or uncertain and chaotic.

Either way, with the benefits of yoga and meditation, you’ll be able to create a moment for yourself where you can organize your thoughts.

And saving time for yourself and working on your well-being is the true form of self-care in your 30s as you’ll be focusing on yourself.

Yoga will also keep you in shape, give you that lean and slim body, and make you learn how to manage your stress. With meditation as a hobby, you can relax your mind and sharpen your concentration.

11. Writing and Blogging

Writing is a way of expression where you’ll be able to find an outlet. It helps improve your communication skills by helping you organize your thoughts.

Having things written down helps you face what’s on your mind, may it be troubling or relieving. It also helps you keep track of your memories. You can keep it for later generations or just read it whenever you feel like walking down memory lane.

Blogging, as digital writing, does the exact same thing. Additionally, you can have other options to utilize your writing. You can turn your blog into a professional blog or self-publish. Ka-ching! Never take the fun out of it, remember that!

12. Photography

Photography is among the most popular hobbies for adults. Everyone is a photographer these days, which means you don’t have to carry huge, heavy cameras with you to be able to take pictures. Thanks to our phones, we are already geared up!

Photography as a hobby has much more to it than meets the eye. Trying to capture the perfect angle, you are able to see things most people just overlook.

Perspective is everything and that’s what you’re doing; trying to gain a new perspective. In order to take more pictures, you’ll push yourself to go out more. You’ll push yourself to go places you normally wouldn’t bother to.

If you’re a social media enthusiast, you’ll get to have the perfect, like-worthy feed where you can share your skills. If you enjoy it enough, you can turn it into a side hustle as well.

You’ll be unintentionally growing a portfolio that will be useful if you ever decide to make a career out of it.

13. Sculpting

“Sculpting is the art of intelligence.”

If Picasso says it, then it must be true. In addition to cultivating creativity, sculpting as a hobby is extremely relaxing. It’s another fun hobby idea where you simply make things.

It needs so much focus that you forget about your daily stressors by giving your full attention to what it is that you’re making. Similar to most of the other hobbies on this list, sculpting is not exclusive to women in their 30s.

Women in their 20s, 40s, even 50s! Join the closest sculpting workshop and create your own Ghost movie moment!

14. Camping

Another cool hobby for women in their 30s should be camping. If you like outdoor adventures and enjoy exploring, camping is the hobby you should take up!

No matter what it is that you’re doing at camping, it becomes extremely enjoyable. You wouldn’t enjoy reading in your room as much as you’d enjoy reading by the fire in the great outdoors.

Camping can also be a group hobby for women where you get to hang out with a bunch of other people who are willing to participate in the adventure as well. It is also a great hobby for single people if you catch my drift.

Personally, I’m more into glamping, which is basically a modernized version of camping. You’re still in the woods but you have a hot tub in your cabin.

15. Cooking

It’s better to have your food prepared and served to you by someone else, there’s no doubt about it! But cooking as a hobby is more about an opportunity to create something as a way of stress relief in the quickest way.

Cooking has so many levels to it. You can improve your skills to gain better eating habits. Or you can focus on a single cuisine and master it. You can turn it into a career or a catering side hustle.

Or you can just cook and invite people over. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and family while getting free feedback from them, and a chance to brag about your skills.

I started cooking after take-outs were unavailable for some time in 2020. I’ve been cooking my own meals ever since! The grocery shopping, the storing, the prepping, and of course, the eating -so fun!

16. Embroidery

Women tend to have mastered the art of shopping by 30. We’ve all bought expensive stuff that we regret buying. We tried buying more items by paying less for each of them.

We tried boutique shopping. We’ve seen the methods brands use to “trick” people into buying things they normally wouldn’t.

Most importantly, we’ve seen the effect of simple embroidery on the price of a clothing piece. That’s why embroidery is an interesting hobby to try. Because you get to jazz up your closet for free!

A single cute little pin on a white shirt can make a huge difference. Spice up your wardrobe and freshen up your clothes with this creative hobby.

17. Sewing

Another creative hobby, which is also a potential side hustle, is sewing and knitting. Save yourself a fortune by making clothes.

Sewing is a calming activity as much as it’s a creative one. It requires focus and it’s mentally engaging. This is one of the cheapest hobbies to try. You can always turn it into an expensive one, though.

18. Mentoring

This should be one of the most interesting hobbies for women in their 30s. Most people think that they’ll be happier when they’re at the receiving end of good things. But in fact, helping others and giving back are essential for happiness.

Mentoring teenagers can be a great hobby for women because we’re at a point where we can give legit life and career advice. It’s satisfying to pay it forward.

Mentoring students in schools or just helping out the neighborhood kids can be a great hobby for women who want to be happy by giving back.

This is an important chance where you can actually help a young mind make better choices. An opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life. Think about it.

19. Selling

We all have stuff that we no longer use but are too lazy to do something about. Why not get rid of all the clutter and sell that stuff?

Go to your wardrobe and pick the items that you no longer wear. Make sure they’re clean and in relatively good shape. Arrange all those clothes in a way that’s presentable. Take pictures. Start selling online!

It’s a quick and fun way to make money and a great hobby to pick up. Try this every time you’re bored. Who knows? You can turn this into a business as well once you’ve mastered embroidery. This actually helped me pay off some of my credit card bills.

20. Wine Tasting

One of the most fun hobbies for women in their 30s is wine tasting as we’re always looking for an excuse to drink wine. Shoutout to women in their 20s who are still able to handle vodka!

Wine tasting is never an awkward activity because the participants are almost always buzzed. You can look up local wine-tasting events or wine stores for a fun activity. Wine, cheese, and great conversation with a friend. What better hobby is there?

21. Decorating

Decorating is certainly one of the most entertaining activities for bored women. It’s highly refreshing to redecorate your surroundings. You can start with things that are already there in the room/house. That way, you don’t have to spend money.

Start small with decorative items, pillows, fun and colorful pillowcases, plants, and even minor furniture. It’s fun to spend time working on your surroundings.

If you want to take it one step further, you can start shopping for cool and uplifting items to brighten up your home. Hey, you can even start antiquing. That’s another cool hobby right there!

22. Vlogging

Use your social media stories as a jumping-off point and start publishing videos on YouTube. It’s a great platform to gather like-minded people together on your channel.

You can start by picking up a new hobby from this list and share every step of the journey to inspire other people. Here’s your quick road map.

Pick a hobby from the list. Create a blog on the topic. Write about it. Start filming your journey about it. Publish it. Get better at it and make money out of it. How does that sound?

As an alternative, you can try podcasts. In fact, there are amazing podcasts for women in their 30s by women in their 30s! Some people love to talk and some like to listen! Put yourself out there.

23. Theme Party Planning

I think we can all agree that theme parties are the best parties. You can be the person who throws cool parties that bring everybody together.

These gatherings are a great way to catch up with people. You don’t have to spend that much money either! Keep a small crowd so that it doesn’t turn into something costly.

You can start with movie nights where people dress up as the main characters. You can also ask people to bring in their own drinks.

And you can even play trivia and turn the party into a game night. You get to take most of the credit for hosting the event while still not spending much by making people contribute.

24. Self Defense

By taking up self-defense lessons as a hobby, you increase your self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-awareness. Plus, it’s a great workout! This has great potential for boosting your self-confidence. It’s incredibly empowering.

25. Exploring The City

As much as we want to travel and see the world, we don’t always have the money or the time for it. Instead, you can become a tourist in your hometown and start exploring your city like a tourist.

Once a week or once a month, pick a destination to go to and explore. You can do it as a picnic or you can get cultured by visiting every local museum. Make a list and go over all of them until you make a new list.

Do you know what would make it more fun? Acting as if you’re an actual tourist! This can be a great topic for your vlog. Act as if you’re clueless and ask people for directions. See how they react.

26. Wood Painting

It’s a great activity to channel your focus and improve your creativity. Making something of your own increases your self-confidence. Additionally, you can make use of your old items by refurbishing them.

Wood has been proven to enhance energy and lower stress levels. So, spending time with wood will be a meditating hobby for women who want to have time to relax and escape daily troubles.

27. Glass Painting

With glass painting, you can redecorate items at home and actually freshen up the area. Glass painting teaches patience, promotes creative growth, and helps relieve stress.

28. Making Cocktails

Learning to make your own fancy drink is probably one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. You’ll save yourself a lot of money! Among the list of hobbies for women in their 30s, this is the one you love the most. Admit it.

Presenting something you did by yourself boosts self-confidence. You can even make your own signature drink. You get to meet new people, make new friends, and find a new crowd to get drunk with. Honestly, this is the coolest hobby. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for new awkward dates.

29. Coding

Coding is extremely useful for improving cognitive skills. Steve Jobs says that everyone should learn to code because it teaches you how to think. Coding is digital production.

You get to be a producer, instead of a consumer. Plus, you can code your own apps and actually start making money by selling them! It’s a long process. But it’s extremely rewarding.

30. Volunteering

Another way of giving back is volunteering. This is the most spiritual hobby women can take up. Visit local nursing homes or orphanages to offer volunteer work. Spend time with the less fortunate.

You’ll be giving them care and hope which is invaluable. This will make you forget about small things that make you upset on a daily basis. It’ll make you grateful and mindful.

Lastly, try collecting. This is something I’ve been personally enjoying lately. Follow online auctions or Julien’s Auctions to buy celebrity memorabilia. It’s an expensive hobby. But at the same time, it makes you save money. $200 on a Neverland’s employee handbook? Well, I’d better stop eating then!

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