5 Ways to Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup Without Ruining It

How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

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As if we are applying sunscreen responsibly every morning before applying makeup, now they say that we have to reapply it every 2-3 hours? Over our makeup? I mean, they’re making it seriously difficult for us to not get wrinkles these days. On some days, we’re guilty of rolling the dice and skipping the reapplication part, if not the whole application part. All for the sake of maintaining that glorious makeup look we somehow managed to put together early in the morning. Turns out, you can apply/reapply sunscreen over your makeup without ruining it.

This basically eliminates any excuse to not wear sunscreen. But it’s not always easy. Because it’s unlikely to get things right 100%. That’s why it’s important to remember that the first layer of sunscreen you apply under your makeup is the real deal.

The more generous you’re about it in the first place, the less reapplication you’ll need later on. Make sure you use SPF before you apply your foundation.

That way, your sunscreen is able to resist all that wear and tear during the day without needing too much intervention. But things happen. And you can always forget to wear SPF. Happens to the best of us!

Keep reading to learn how to reapply sunscreen over makeup.

1. Consider Tinted Moisturizers

It’s crucial to protect your skin from DNA-damaging and wrinkle-causing UV rays. Wearing sunscreen prevents free radical damage that causes early signs of aging. Sunscreen is the ultimate anti-ager!

But if you’re being lazy about wearing it, you can always try tinted moisturizers as an alternative to foundation. That way, you won’t ruin your makeup when it’s time to reapply.

Most tinted moisturizers contain sunscreen. So when it’s time to reapply, you lose some of your blush at worst. But you’ll be freshening up your base and reapplying your sunscreen.

2. Use a Setting Spray Packed with SPF

The easiest way to reapply your sunscreen is by using a setting spray that’s infused with SPF. Setting sprays are made to set and shield your makeup. So by default, they won’t mess up your makeup.

They act like refreshing face mists you apply during the day. Keep one on your desk or in your bag and spray it on every couple of hours to refresh your makeup and your sun protection.

3. Try Sunscreen Powders

Using powder sunscreen is another way you can reapply your SPF while wearing makeup. The best part is that you’re actually doing touch-ups, which is the exact opposite of ruining your makeup.

Powder sunscreens can work as blotting paper because they absorb any kind of excess oil and reduce shine. They’re especially helpful for oily skin. They come in different forms like compact powder, loose powder, cushion, and even in a tiny kit with a cute brush and everything!

Plus, most of us don’t even bother to apply sunscreen around the neck, chest, or on our hands. We hardly apply it on our faces! As powders aren’t messy, you can apply them wherever you see fit to get yourself extra UV protection.

4. Apply Mineral Loose Powder

It may not be your ideal foundation for a full coverage base, but it works great for touch-ups. Applying a loose powder infused with sunscreen can adjust your coverage, reduce the shine on your skin, and brush up your sun protection.

The good thing is you can get a translucent one or a tinted one. Mineral foundations come in different shades so that you can actually renew your makeup while reapplying your sunscreen.

5. Use a Wet Beauty Blender

If all you have is your cream/lotion sunscreen and the above options don’t apply to you, then this trick is for you. Get your beauty blender/makeup sponge/cushion wet. Squirt or put some of that cream sunscreen on your cushion. You’ll see that the formula loosens up a bit.

Gently press the cushion onto your foundation. You do not want to smear it! Don’t worry. It doesn’t stay white because you’re applying tiny amounts and letting your skin absorb it.

And it doesn’t soak your foundation off your face because it’s wet. This trick works especially amazing with medium-high coverage foundations.

So these are some ways you can try to reapply your SPF over makeup. When in doubt, remove your makeup and apply your sunscreen. It’s not worth damaging your skin.

No matter how you choose to reapply your sunscreen, remember that it’s the initial application that matters the most. Whatever you do over the makeup can’t compensate for that.

And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best sunscreens you can wear over your makeup.

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