3 Ways to Exfoliate Your Lips

How to Exfoliate Lips

Though many reasons could make you unhappy about the way your lips look and feel, there’s one thing that could remedy all! And that is exfoliating your lips. We all deal with dry, chapped lips during colder months. Some people lick their lips, which exacerbates dryness. Some people deal with lines around the lips or thinning of the lips due to age. Others deal with lip discolorations.

Either way, exfoliating your lips is a quick and easy way to address those issues. Lip exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and flaky skin from the surface of the lips by using a lip scrub. Though it looks like it’s all about having fuller-looking lips, lip exfoliation is more about taking care of the skin with the added benefit of achieving plump, pink lips.

Because of the characteristics of the skin on the lips, they’re more prone to concerns like pale-looking, flaky, and dry lips. For starters, our lips don’t have oil glands. And because they can’t produce oils to stay moisturized, they dry easily. Additionally, the skin on the lips is thin, which makes them vulnerable to outside elements like cold weather and wind.

If you’re dealing with any of the said issues but don’t know how to get started, keep reading to learn how to exfoliate your lips using different methods and how to do it step by step.

Benefits of Exfoliating Your Lips

Smoother Lips

Whether it’s from the cold weather or the hot weather, dryness, and flakiness on the lips are common issues. And gently exfoliating your lips can eliminate those skin flakes and scaly lips, which will prevent you from picking them too.

Plumper Lips

Exfoliation, in general, removes the dead skin layer from the surface of the skin. With that useless barrier out of the way, the lips tend to look plumper and smoother with proper definition.

Improved Lip Color

Exfoliation stimulates microcirculation beneath the skin. And because of that, though temporary, the lips achieve a more vibrant color after exfoliation. That’s why exfoliating your lips can help you gain back the natural pink color of your lips, which looks more youthful.

Better Moisture

Most lip balms don’t even reach the skin on the lips because of the flaky skin that prevents it. By getting rid of that, your lip balm can actually work better to moisturize the lips.

Better-Looking Lipstick

We all love a bold red lip look. But when you have dry, chapped lips, your lipstick doesn’t apply or look as smooth. By exfoliating your lips, you can amp up your lipstick game significantly and achieve sleek makeup for the lips.

How to Exfoliate Your Lips

1. Use DIY Lip Scrubs

The first method for exfoliating your lips is by using a DIY scrub you can prepare at home. For this method, you need a physical exfoliant, anything with granules, and an emollient substance to properly apply the exfoliant to your lips.

The granules can be sugar or coffee grounds. And emollients can be nourishing oils like olive oil, jojoba oil, or shea butter. Because of the availability of these ingredients, a DIY scrub is a natural, easy, and budget-friendly way to exfoliate your lips at home.

Below is a quick recipe for a DIY lip scrub you can try. Turkish coffee is as gentle as it gets. And olive oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin. If you prefer, you can try sugar instead of Turkish coffee and honey instead of olive oil.

  • 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Mix the olive oil and the coffee grounds in a small bowl using your fingers or a teaspoon
  • Apply a small amount onto the lips and massage the scrub using circular motions
  • Rinse and apply lip balm

2. Use Lip Products & Scrubs

The second method for exfoliating your lips is by using a lip scrub you can buy online or at the store. With these products, you don’t need anything else. You just apply the product directly to your lips.

There’s an advantage of ready-made lip scrubs over DIY options. Though they can be expensive, some products contain plant extracts or ingredients like enzymes that naturally act like chemical exfoliants.

They tend to be more effective than physical exfoliators. Additionally, products you buy also come in stick form, which is mess-free and usually more aesthetically pleasing than DIY options. Here’s how to exfoliate lips with a scrub.

  • Make sure your lips are clean and there’s no makeup or product on them like lip balm
  • Use two fingers to get a little amount of your scrub and apply it onto the lips
  • Gently massage your lips in circular motions
  • Make sure you go over the corners of the mouth and the lip lines too
  • You don’t need to do this any longer than a couple of minutes
  • Rinse your lips with water and follow up with a lip balm to lock moisture in

3. Try Towels & Cloths

And lastly, you can use a physical exfoliant like a towel to gently scrub your lips. Your towel or cloth would be the exfoliator because of the gritty texture of the fabric. Here’s how to do it.

  • Run a clean towel or washcloth under water
  • Squeeze out excess water
  • Gently rub your lips with the towel in slow circular motions
  • Rinse your lips with water and apply lip balm

If you have visible flakiness and peeling, apply a lip balm on your lips first, then gently run the towel over the lips. This is to avoid further irritating your lips.

So this is how to properly exfoliate your lips and what to use for the best results. Below are some tips that can help you keep your lips supple, smooth, plump, and pink.

Tips for Smoother Lips

Avoid Over-Exfoliation

There’s such a thing called over-exfoliation, which happens when you exfoliate too often. This can result in irritation and sensitive lips. To avoid over-exfoliating your lips, do it once a week. If your lips need special attention during certain seasons, you can take it up to twice a week.

Protect Your Lips with SPF

Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your lips is vulnerable to sun exposure. You can try lip balms made with SPF to maintain a healthy, smooth pout.

Focus on Lip Care

Make lip care a part of your skincare routine. You apply your serums and moisturizers. Don’t leave it there. Add a healthy and moisturizing lip balm or an overnight lip mask to your skincare routine.

Try Lip Oils

Lip oils are the new popular skincare ingredients that also have cosmetic benefits like subtly coloring up your lips. Lip oils are like face oils, so they’re incredibly moisturizing. You can try them if your lips are particularly dry.

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