The Clump-Free Way to Layer Mascara(s) For Long & Voluminous Lashes

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How To Layer Mascara

The motive behind layering multiple coats of mascara is usually about achieving voluminous and lengthy lashes. Personally, I’m up for anything that distracts people from my signature Turkish nose. My gigantic sniffer has been the driving force behind my mascara application experiments. I’ve tried different types of mascaras, waterproof, regular, fiber, tiny brush, fat brush, all for the sake of achieving long, thick eyelashes that dominate my makeup. I’ve also tried layering the same mascara as well as combining different mascaras and applying them on top of each other. I’ve finally perfected my method and I’m here to show you the best way to layer mascara to achieve your best lashes without clumping whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using different mascaras or using one mascara for multiple coats. There’s always a risk for clumping when you’re layering mascaras. This doesn’t have anything to do with your mascara being good or bad. It has everything to do with how you layer.

To avoid the mess, we’re going to keep things minimal and stick with two mascaras; a base mascara and a top mascara. Because mo’ mascara, mo’ problems! Anything more can be a recipe for disaster, a clumpy one, especially if you’re a beginner.

So find below the best way to layer your mascara to achieve maximum curl, length, and volume at the same time.

1. Choose a basic formula.

Your first coat is all about separating the lashes, defining them, and curling them a little. For this, you need a mascara that is not waterproof and that has a very thin brush.

This helps reach every single lash and brush them. Make sure you also get the tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners. Don’t worry about volume at this point.

And as this step is about definition, there’s no need to go for an expensive option. I used Benefit’s Bad Gal only because that’s the one with the thinnest brush I currently have. You can also make use of eyelash curlers but I didn’t. I’m scared of them.

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara - How To Layer Mascaras

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara ($27)

2. Remove excess mascara.

Before applying your base, remove the excess mascara from the tip of the wand, which tends to end up in all the wrong places and contribute to clumping. Also, scrape the whole brush against the tip of the tube.

Remember, the first step is all about definition and kind of revealing what we’re dealing with. So there’s no need to go heavy just yet. The best way to avoid clumping when layering mascara is to get rid of the excess and go very light.

3. Start from the bottom.

Apply one coat of your base mascara to brush your lashes. Start from the bottom of your lashes and lift them up. This is your first draft, so to speak. So don’t overdo it. Then start from the bottom of the upper lash line to comb the lashes toward the tips.

Wait for your first coat to dry. Depending on your formula, your mascara can dry up quickly or slowly. You want to avoid going in for the second coat when the first coat hasn’t dried. This messes up the whole thing. Also, if the mascara has gone on to the eyelids, don’t worry. Leave it for now.

4. Move on to the second mascara.

Your second mascara is the star of the show. For longer-lasting results, consider using waterproof mascara for this step. Depending on your lash goals, go for a volumizing mascara or a lengthening one.

Only wipe the excess mascara on the tip of the wand and leave the brush alone. This is your top mascara. So it’s here to stay. I used Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara (27)

5. Start layering.

Now that you have some mascara on the lashes already, you won’t be able to apply the mascara the way you did in the first step. You’ll just be pushing your lashes up and the mascara will build up on the lash roots, causing clumping. That’s why you do the opposite of what you did with your first mascara.

Start from the bottom of the upper lash line. And brush the lashes downward and upward. This will dampen the lashes a little bit and separate them even more. Do this two or three times and then start from the bottom lash line again.

Go back and forth until you achieve the desired effect. As you’ve already touched the short lashes on the inner corners of the eyes with your base mascara, you only need to focus on the center now.

6. Wait in between layers.

If you’re going for another layer, remember that you need to wait for the mascara to dry before the next application. It may take anywhere between 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Remember, your top mascara is the one that’ll put everything together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using two mascaras or 7! All of them, except for top mascara, are practically a base. This means that you’ll have to remove the excess from the brushes each time.

Because once there’s clumping, it’s very difficult to go back. But as long as you go light, you can always build things up and intensify the look. I only used two mascaras and applied each of them once.

7. Leave the tips alone.

Don’t apply mascara on the tip of the lashes. This trick works when you’re not layering. It helps to define the lashes more. But when you’re layering mascaras, it can make things worse. Because that much mascara can be too heavy for the lashes and you might lose your curl.

8. Bottom lashes are optional.

No matter how short or long your bottom lashes are, it’s not a good idea to layer multiple coats on them. So brush them downward with your top mascara (the waterproof one) and touch the roots a little bit with the tip of the wand.

This will be enough. Otherwise, you may end up with spider lashes. Also, lower lashes tend to pull the face down, so you don’t want to define them too much.

So this is how you properly layer your mascara or mascaras without clumping. Remember, apply a regular mascara and finish it off with a waterproof one. Always wait for it to dry before moving on to the next coat.

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