4 Ways to Make Your Blush Last Longer

How to Make Blush Last Longer

I’m proud to admit that I love over-blushing. Less blush is no blush! And I know I’m not alone in this because people are calling themselves out for being blush blind, which is being aware of the fact that you’re wearing a little too much blush but you’re not apologetic about it. So color me pink and let me be! Unfortunately, there’s a common problem with wearing blush. It disappears, fades quickly, transfers, and moves! But we want it to stay longer on the skin. While using a long-lasting blush formula, and prepping skin with a primer are among the first things that come to mind to ensure rosy cheeks all day, I’ve seen that they only help a little. So if you’re looking for ways to better accommodate your love for blush, here are the best ways to make your blush stay and last longer!

1. Choose the Right Type of Blush

First off, there are different types of blush such as cream, powder, gel, and liquid. Cream blush can mix in with the oils on your face and move around a bit. While there are ways to keep it in place, it’s inherently more prone to fading. And it’s not always easy to reapply it later in the day. Powder blush can also fade away but it’s much easier to top it off without looking patchy and heavy.

Cheek stains, on the other hand, are like liquid blush and last the longest! These are stains and they are meant to resist everything all day. So if you really want a blush formula that will need absolutely nothing else, your best bet is a cheek stain. Most cheek stains are sweat-proof, weather-proof, and waterproof. A foolproof formula you can rely on 24/7 is Benefit Benetint.

2. Layer Different Blush Formulas

Layering blushes in different forms is a method you can try. This technique is also called blush setting. It’s when you use both a powder and another cream blush to really set the pigments together in place to achieve a long-lasting look. Here’s how to do it. After applying foundation, or concealer if you’re going for a foundation-free look, you apply cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Then you apply powder blush on top just a small amount.

You need to, of course, make sure that both colors complement each other. That’s it! It’s like setting cream blush with powder blush. This way, you have more colors on your face with different formulas, and no matter the weather outside, the pigments are very likely to stay in place at the end of the day. This is among my favorite ways to ensure that I have rosy cheeks all day. Sometimes, I apply powder blush on top of my cheek stain. It works just as well.

3. Set with Powder

Whatever type of blush you’re wearing, you can lock it in by using a translucent setting powder. After you apply your blush, get a small amount of translucent powder on your brush and dust it over the cheeks. You’ll see that the colors disappear a little. It’s because the powder masks the real color of the blush with its mattifying and blurring effect.

However, you can actually sandwich it by applying another light layer of powder blush on top. Even if the wind sweeps this layer away, you still have that first layer locked in there peeking through.

4. Use Setting Spray

If there’s no way to try anything with your blush, you can always rely on a setting spray to make your blush last longer. Setting spray helps keep makeup in place. It will minimize the likelihood of your blush transferring and fading too.

While the pigments may not look as lively and fresh, you will still have that flushed look. This is especially helpful if you’re using a cream blush and you really want that radiant, glowy finish of the cream blush so you can’t make use of powder formulas or setting powders.

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