How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products

How To Repurpose Skincare Products

If you have skincare products you no longer need or want because they don’t work for your face, you might want to give them another chance. Because whether it’s a lotion or a serum, there are simple ways you can repurpose your skincare products.

We all love splurging on skincare products. But things don’t always work out the way we want them to. Maybe you went ahead and bought a fancy moisturizer but it turned out to be comedogenic for your skin. Maybe you bought a face serum and it turned out to be irritating for your skin.

Whatever it is, those skin care products can still be used and repurposed. After all, skincare isn’t cheap! So before you go ahead and toss your products out, keep reading to find out what to do with skincare products you don’t use or want.

But before we dig in, there’s one obvious thing you can do that can make someone really happy. And that’s gifting. Also, if you have someone like you who’s also interested in trying different products, you can consider swapping products.

This is something I constantly do with my sister and my sister-in-law. The three of us skincare freaks are always out there buying stuff. And when something doesn’t work for someone, we usually ask each other.

I recently gave away a face toner to my sister-in-law because I didn’t like the way it felt on my skin. And before that, she’d given me a moisturizer because she didn’t like the fragrance.

This way, we’re always able to try different stuff and save some money in the process. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s how you can repurpose your skincare products.

How To Repurpose Moisturizers & Lotions & Creams

There are a few reasons why you might not like a moisturizer. Maybe it’s not working for your skin type, or it’s pilling or breaking you out. Either way, if you no longer want to use it on your face, here’s what you can do with it.

Use Moisturizers as Body Lotions

You can use your daily moisturizers, creams, and lotions as body lotions. Personally, I try not to let my lotions expire. And having products sitting there waiting to be expired makes me anxious. So I try to use them up as soon as possible by repurposing them. And the best way to do that is by using lotions and moisturizers on your body.

Because you need more moisturizer for your body than you need for your face. And if you’re someone who doesn’t normally use a body lotion, this is your chance to amp up your body care. After you’re out of the shower, use your moisturizer on damp skin for smooth skin all over.

Use Moisturizers as Hand Creams

Another way to repurpose your moisturizers is by using them as hand creams. This is great especially during colder months when you constantly run out of hand creams. Because cold weather requires multiple applications of hand cream.

So instead of buying a new hand cream, use your existing face creams on your hands and even on your feet. This is a simple way to use up your lotions before they expire. But make sure you take them out of your beauty cabinet and put them somewhere different. Otherwise, you’ll forget you repurposed them.

How To Repurpose Cleansers & Face Washes

Face cleansers, whether it’s gel, cream, or foam cleansers, are the foundation of a proper skincare routine. And we run out of them quickly because we use them twice a day. The good thing is they usually have a better shelf life. So before trying to get rid of them, consider keeping them for later use. But if you, for some reason, don’t like your facial cleanser, this is how you can repurpose it.

Use Your Face Cleanser as a Hand Soap

You can use your face wash as your hand wash. And the reason is simple. Face cleansers are super gentle! Most hand cleansers contain soaps that tend to be drying for the skin on your hands. But face cleansers are usually way gentler.

So you can always use your cleansers as hand washes and care for your hands at the same time. Pour the face cleanser you no longer use into a soap dispenser and keep it by the sink.

Use Your Face Cleansers as a Body Cleanser

You can absolutely use your face cleansers on your body. Repurpose them as body washes and keep them in the shower. This is also a great way to use up your cleansers.

But once you see a cleanser in its bottle, it’s difficult to see past that. So to make things easier, pour the cleanser into an empty dispenser and keep it in the shower. Again, you’ll forget to use it if you keep it in its regular place.

Use Your Face Cleanser as a Tool Cleanser

Take out all your makeup brushes and sponges and your beauty tools like face rollers and get to cleaning. Using your face cleanser as a beauty tool cleanser is a great way to repurpose your cleansers and a great excuse to sanitize your tools.

How To Repurpose Cleansing Oils & Balms

We have cleansing oils and balms we use to melt away makeup. These are sometimes called first cleansers. If you have oil cleansers and balms you don’t know what to do with, here’s how you can repurpose them.

Use Cleansing Oils & Balms on Your Body

Because these are oil-based products, they are incredibly nourishing for the skin. And using them on your body will amp up your body care routine significantly. They are so moisturizing for your body that you may not even need a post-shower body butter.

Get a nice scoop or a big pump of your balm/oil and spread it all over your legs, and arms. After that, rinse it off and wash your body with a regular cleanser. You’ll see that the skin on your body feels incredibly soft and smooth after showering.

Use Cleansing Oils & Balms as Shaving Cream

I have sensitivity all over. So I need to be extra careful with my body care. Otherwise, I have to deal with redness, itchy skin, and even breakouts on my body. Though I don’t shave my legs, thank god for lasers, I do shave my arms.

But instead of going at it directly, I use a cleansing oil/balm and slather it all over the area. That way, I protect my skin from tiny scratches and make the whole thing a lot easier and smoother. So, repurpose your cleansing balms and oils as shaving creams.

How To Repurpose Toners & Essences

Essences tend to be super lightweight, nourishing skincare products. And face toners, except for treatment toners and exfoliating toners, tend to be like that too. They’re great for boosting hydration. And here are alternative ways to use toners and essences and what to do with unwanted toners and essences.

Use Them For Your Body

Because these are such lightweight products, toners and essences are practically weightless on the skin. So you can comfortably use them on your body simply to hydrate your skin.

Use Toners & Essences as Face Masks

This is my favorite method. I like to use toners and essences as face masks. But you can’t do this with products that don’t work for your skin. In that sense, this is just a simple and fast way to use up and finish your toners and essences. Pour your toner/essence into a small bowl.

Take a compressed sheet mask and put it in the bowl too. Once the sheet swells up, use it as a sheet mask on your face. This takes a lot of product, which is great when you want to get rid of your toner at once. But it also makes an incredibly replenishing face mask to boost hydration, plump skin, and make it glow.

Use Toners as Face Mists

Most toners can be repurposed as face mists. This makes it easier to use the toner up but also to better utilize it. Pour your toner into an empty spray bottle.

This way, you can use it more frequently to refresh your skin in your skincare routine and throughout the day. This is also great in summer when the skin is extra thirsty and when you’re out and about.

How To Repurpose Exfoliators

Exfoliation is an effective way to get rid of skin concerns. But it’s not easy to find the right exfoliator for your skin. Some can be irritating to the skin. Others may not be as potent as you’d thought. And others simply don’t fit into your skincare routine and they conflict with your other products. Either way, you can repurpose your exfoliants.

Use Exfoliators For KP

Keratosis pilaris is when you have dry patches and bumps on your skin. I deal with it in the back of my upper arms. And a great way to get rid of keratosis pilaris is by using exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids.

So whether you have an exfoliating serum, toner, lotion, or peel pad, use your exfoliators on your body to get rid of dead skin cells and tackle dry, flaky skin.

Use Exfoliators For Under-Arms

You can also use your exfoliators for armpits to target hyperpigmentation and bumpy skin. And that’s not all. Chemical exfoliants stimulate skin turnover.

So they actually help with other concerns like body acne and aging skin too. Use your exfoliators on your body for anti-aging, getting rid of dark spots, and improving your skin texture and tone.

How To Repurpose Face Serums

Face serums make the best part of a skincare routine. And some are really expensive, which makes you doubt your decision to get rid of them. If you have face serums you don’t want or need, or that don’t work for your face, here’s what you can do.

Use Face Serums as Body Serums

I don’t know if you know but body serums are way more expensive. But they’re great for addressing body issues like body acne, hyperpigmentation, and flaky skin. So use your face serums after showering and once it dries down, follow up with a lotion.

Use Face Serums as Spot Treatments

Sometimes, you don’t need to use the product all over your face. A glycolic acid serum, for example, can be too drying for your skin. So it’s not worth drying your whole face for the sake of a few breakouts here and there.

For that reason, consider using your face serum as a spot treatment. And only apply a small amount on the problem area like a dark spot, an acne scar, or a pimple. This is especially helpful for retinol serums.

It’s no secret that retinol is irritating to the skin. So instead of using your retinol serum on your face, repurpose it as a spot treatment for blemishes and even for wrinkles.

How To Repurpose Face Oils

Face oils only require a few drops to work. And some people only use them in colder months, which makes the product useless for the rest of the year. Here’s what to do with your face oils that are waiting to expire.

Use Face Oils For Your Nails

Face oils, because of the presence of, well, oils, are rich in fatty acids. They moisturize, prevent dryness, and keep the skin soft. Because of that, you can use them to strengthen your nails and prevent nail breakage. I’m a nail-biter.

I’m not proud of it but years of this habit really damaged my nails and nailbeds. But I love using my face oils, which are too heavy for my face, on my hands and nails. And I can swear that it helped a lot with how my hands and nails look.

Use Face Oils For Dry Lips

Using your face oil on your body may not be the best. Because some formulations are too heavy and it can feel uncomfortable and greasy when you use them on your body.

However, you can always use them on your lips like a lip balm to prevent and repair chapped lips. You can also use your face oil to spot-treat dry areas on your body like your elbows.

Use Face Oils For Your Hair

Last but not least, you can use your face oil on your hair ends to tame your hair, smooth out the frizz, and add some shine. But remember to use very little and only on the hair ends.

So this is how to repurpose skincare products. Hopefully, you can now make use of the products that don’t work for your face by using them on your body. Or maybe, you’re like me and simply looking for ways to use up products so you can make way for new ones. Either way, if you’re not going to gift them, do find ways to use them. Because skincare is expensive. And you should milk your products as much as you can.

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