How To Do Makeup Without Foundation

how to do makeup without foundation

We all have different reasons for wanting to do makeup without using foundation. Whether you want to skip foundation because you don’t want to layer products, prefer natural-looking makeup for everyday wear, or simply don’t have the time for it, no worries. You can do makeup without foundation. And trust me, it will look just as good!

Personally, I’ve been dealing with patchy-looking foundation for some time. And no matter what I do, it looks flaky on my skin even when I use little amounts. That’s why I’ve been doing foundation-free makeup and loving it! If you want to take a break from using heavy base makeup, here’s how to do your makeup without foundation.

How To Do Makeup Without Foundation

Step 1: Start with Your Skin

First of all, your bare skin is going to be pretty much your base. So start with a clean face and apply your toner, serum, and moisturizer. If you need an extra boost to look more awake and fresh, you can try under-eye patches to plump the eye area and exfoliating pads to smooth out the skin and brighten your complexion.

Step 2: Prime Your Skin

If you want to go completely foundation-free, you can invest a bit more into your primer. For example, you can try a blurring primer and just apply it on the pores to smooth your skin texture. You can try illuminating primers to achieve a dewy base without a base product.

Step 3: Use Concealer

A good concealer is essential for doing your makeup without foundation. Start by applying the concealer under the eye area like you normally do and blend it well. Then move on to the rest of the face by applying a dot of concealer to areas that need coverage. Apply very little amounts on redness and acne to spot-conceal any imperfections. You can even apply tiny dots of concealer on large pores to reduce their visibility.

Step 4: Layer Creamy Products

A well-moisturized skin and a little bit of concealer make your skin look like skin. It also allows you to easily layer dewy finish, cream-based makeup products. So grab a cream bronzer to warm up your complexion or cream blush to get a nice flush of colors on your cheeks. You can also apply a cream highlighter on the high points of your cheeks for a fresh-looking face.

Step 5: Do Your Eye Makeup

You don’t need to be wearing foundation to wear eye makeup. You can wear eyeliner and eyeshadow however you like. Alternatively, use your powder bronzer and gently swipe it across the eyelids to bring some color to the area for a more natural look.

Step 6: Layer Your Mascara

When you skip foundation, your mascara becomes more impactful and can change your whole vibe. Use a lengthening mascara to give the appearance of bigger eyes or a volumizing mascara to achieve fluttery lashes. Apply several coats to achieve voluminous lashes.

Step 7: Color Up Your Lips

Lastly, color up your lips depending on the look you’re going for. Go for a bold lip or a nude lip. If you have gone easy on the blush, make your lips pop with red lips. If you’re going for glowy makeup without foundation, gloss up your lips with nude lip gloss. Or simply go for a lip balm just to plump up and define your lips. And you’re done.

So this is how you can do your makeup without using foundation. You can always try foundation alternatives like skin tints, tinted moisturizers, and CC creams. But if you want the best coverage, using concealer is the best way to do your makeup without foundation.


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