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ejollify - iclal eroglu - co founder

Iclal Eroglu


37, single AF, English Literature major.
Loves anti-aging and injectables.

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Feyza Eroglu


30, equally single, M.A. in Economics.
Loves anything skin-clearing and in a sheet mask form.


Get the latest scoop on skincare, makeup, anti-aging, and wellness for women in their 20s & 30s.


Iclal Eroglu, the sole content creator for Ejollify with a teaching background, talks all things skincare.


We reach out to plastic surgeons for insights, read literature on the latest trends, and test out products so you don’t have to.


How To Get Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles

Under-Eye Wrinkles Are Unavoidable -Here Are 8 Ways To Manage Them

I wouldn’t think I’d prefer getting certain wrinkles over others but these creases are not my favorite signs of aging!

Best Retinol Oils

If Retinol Serums Make Your Skin Dry, Try These Retinol Oils

Retinol oils are gaining popularity all thanks to the skincare advantages that come with the presence of oils.

Dehydration Lines vs Wrinkles

You Might Be Confusing Your Dehydration Lines with Wrinkles, Here’s How To Tell

Dehydration lines can easily make you think that you’ve aged overnight. Because they’re commonly mistaken for fine lines and even wrinkles. The good thing is that dehydration lines are much, much easier to get rid of than permanent wrinkles. In case you don’t know if you have them, we’re here to clear the air.


botox for hooded eyes

This is How Botox Fixes Hooded Eyes a.k.a. The Botox Brow Lift

Botox or any other neurotoxin can reduce the appearance of hooded eyes by giving you a little bit of lift on the brow area. But there are a lot of strings attached.

botox or fillers - which one should you get

Botox vs. Fillers, Which One Should You Get?

Even though they’re both injectables that improve the look of wrinkles, they work differently.

Botox For Jawline Slimming

Botox For Jawline: Instant Face Slimming With Botox Injections

This arguably magical product seems to be the one missing piece of every god damn puzzle on earth! And now, we have Botox for jawline slimming!

LowDown: Summer Skin Care

Summer calls for proper SPF protection and hydration. Find your summer skincare essentials all in one place.

Summer Skin Care Tips

12 Skincare Tips To Summer-Proof Your Skin

Ah, summer… It’s when everything in nature, including our sebaceous glands, can’t wait to have its moment to burst into the scene and reveal its glorious self.

The Best Moisturizers For The Summer

All The Hydration Your Skin Needs is in These Summer Moisturizers

There is a thin line between dewy and greasy. And that line is called “the best moisturizer for the summer”.

How to Prevent Sunscreen Pilling

Is Your Sunscreen Pilling? Here’s How To Prevent It

It’s difficult to find a good sunscreen you like as it is, and now you have to make sure it doesn’t rub off?

How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

5 Ways to Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup Without Ruining It

As if we are applying sunscreen responsibly every morning before applying makeup, now they say that we have to reapply it every 2-3 hours?

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